Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nothing for granted (#606)

How quickly the time flies by. There are so many things I find important during my day and then something happens that puts my outlook into perspective. A friend of mine is suffering with a major arterial bleed in his brain. He is an older gentleman who is not a likely candidate for a high risk operation. What then? Nature taking it's course. All the things I found important before have now faded into insignificance. What I really know right now is that the fragility of life is everywhere. There can be no taking things for granted when it comes to our lives. Society, as we know it, is structured around the premise of keeping us busy doing things toward all of our common interests, ideally anyway. It is a kind of make-work reality, whereas the things we do are important and necessary for society to continue to function, but regardless is still a make-work paradigm. The real importance is our connections to one another. Our sense of welcome and togetherness. These are the real important things in life. Or so, once again, I am reminded by the destiny and fate that comes my way. Despite the fact that time will call all of us eventually to the end of our days, the reality of it doing just that is still a shock and suffering event. In the meantime, as I think and meditate on what is going on around me I will continue to try to remember that it is us, which is what life is all about.

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