Sunday, September 26, 2010

A remarkable world (#604)

There are not enough adjectives to describe how fortunate I feel to be part of this world. Somehow I exist with abilities that are amazing. I can see things that are absolutely indescribable. I can hear sounds that soothe and excite me to limitless boundaries. The smells, tastes and feel of things are incredible. But even beyond those I have a mind that can formulate concepts of mystery and intrigue as well as search out new ways of imagining the known and unknown. What may be the single most important ability I have is how I can feel love. Love transcends everything, I know and do, to experience it. Love is the one ability I have where I would not question whether I should give my life for it. I may seem sentimental, however my experience is that once love is experienced there is nothing else in the known Universe it's equal. All these gifts I have from just being born into life and realizing that they exist within me. I am fortunate that I have not been deprived of any of these gifts from birth or through living life. I am humbled by that. I am also aware that time will have it's say in my life and the time for living is finite. All of these things I realize and hold precious. There is nothing in me that thinks I deserve anything. On the contrary, This unique window into this dimension and the reality it displays further reinforces to me that I owe to existence the best of what I am not the other way around. My purpose here is to be the best me without regard to selfishness and fear. To be another piece within the majesty of this world.

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