Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The concept of toleration (#628)

Being an individual is not a license for being judgmental based upon personal beliefs. Nor is it a license to be judgmental based upon the fear of prejudice. Being an individual is the privilege to be accountable and responsible for one's own self, period. We have the honor of sharing this planet together with all other individuals and other species. As individuals, we have a duty to treat each other with the same respect and dignity we would wish to be treated ourselves. A list of concepts to define the ways we wish to be treated is partially based upon principles of fairness, courtesy and honesty, there are more noble principles we all could add, but you get my drift. I say a "duty" because our right to exist has only come through the process of birth. We all share this same process, so therefore, we are all uniquely granted the right to exist. As such, a duty to protect each other in a society based upon the two balancing principles of liberty and security, is inherently implied. There should be no debate as to the logic supplied here. If there is please make it in the comment section of this post. The equality we all share at the moment of birth should not be diluted through interactions and processes that are outside the better and best of our natures. Sadly, the better and best of our natures are not the goal or vision of many individuals who are in our society. Again, I will reiterate, there are two dominate human natures that exist within us at birth. Care for each other and wonder about what is all about us. I call it compassion and curiosity. When we stray from these two dominant traits, we then find that lesser or baser traits like intolerance are provided a breeding ground.

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