Friday, October 22, 2010

Life takes a toll on us (#630)

Is your spirit beaten down so much that you can't feel the pride of being human? It seems that the responsibilities and restrictions we place upon ourselves is both positive and negative. That old saying about being unable to see the forest for the trees has real relevance to our society. We are so focused upon the best way to make the nuts and bolts of society work that we have lost sight of what it is to be alive. Life should be an experience of wonderment and discovery. We have made it more about just maintaining survival and competition. A healthy society will have little to no stress as it cares and manages it's citizens. We have to live in a society for safety and security from the expressions of our worst natures by our fellow citizens. This also requires us to have a system for activity and growth. It is understandable that we would need to commit to a process that requires a duty to perform. This duty to perform should have benefits that make fulfilling the duty more a pleasure and less a pain. That is the missing ingredient in our current system. We are evolving from a bundle of chaotic systems that have not survived the test of time. Our current system, here in the US, is unique in that it can adapt to unforeseen changes in the dynamic of our society as it ameliorates to scientific and philosophical advancements. Change is slow and life spans are short. It makes for an uneasy paradigm. As we continue to struggle to form a more perfect union here in the US, anxiety and frustration are often normal. I know we can do better than what we are doing, especially as it relates to caring for ourselves. Our spirits are strong and we will survive whatever comes at us, regardless of the weight of inaction.

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