Sunday, October 17, 2010

Never give up (#625)

I know this so well yet at times I forget. It is so amazing that when I have kept up a vigil to attain some thing or to focus strongly toward a goal, I often achieve it. It is the times when I have spent days, months even years working at it that I sometimes forget all the previous work already applied and begin to lose hope for my aspirations. It is as if I am in a vacuum and all of a sudden all the air has gone out and I feel flat. It is at these times that I need some little reminder of the distance I have already traveled and I am back to feeling hopeful again. There are always things in life that occupy our minds and it is easy to get sidetracked about a goal when distractions are hovering. That is still no excuse for me. I have greater expectations of myself. Maybe that isn't the healthiest thing I should do for myself but regardless it seems to work in keeping my motivation strong. I know how short life is and I certainly do not want to waste any time not doing something I have a hope for. It is what makes me who I am. I need the spirit of whatever wonder in this world is happening to have a home within me. In other words, I am a creature of my greatest thoughts. Call it karma or serendipity or any other mystical whirligig. I have an energy to myself that demands that I stand strong and fast for the ideals or hopes I can imagine coming into realization. The fortitude is within me however, the ability to stay on point with it, is tough. I know though that it is in the staying fast that the eventual has a chance to come true. Some days are good and natural for enduring, other days must be ameliorated in whatever fashion I can solve just to remember the important things I have for myself. I may falter occasionally but not lose the will to never give up.

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