Friday, October 15, 2010

What makes us strong (#623)

Our unquenchable spirit is what makes us strong. That curious nature within us that despite having to gather, any and all facts and theories, we persist toward a future concept of mastering our own lives within a system not of our own making. It is curious to know that we are in existence without a wit of knowledge of how it is that we are able to be born and die into this dimension. However, we do not stand on that intrigue, we muster forward with what we are able to think, create and build from what there is. We are indomitable. The Universe, inside and out is ours for the discovery. There are no limits to what we may find as there are no limits to keep us restrained from the act of finding. We will, over time, enhance the raw features of existence and make the necessary adjustments to be able to define, in our own minds, just what the time and space of existence is. Our mission is simple, advance and know. There is only science and physics to overcome. No greater being to keep us chained and used only for service. We are the unbridled, who have at our disposal all of our previous knowledge that has been forwarded to us in whatever manner we find. Our destinies are truly ours. What a magnificent concept to know that somehow, someway a species is centered in a way to determine it's own natural instinct to be curious and have only itself to organize for the possibilities. Truly, the scope of life and the surrounds of it are all within our grasp. I will always in my heart know the pride I feel for the privilege of being a human being.

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