Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What will you do? (#635)

Every single life that has ever existed on this planet had/has the potential to leave a huge legacy that affects all of us. No thing exists to stop us if we are fortunate enough to follow our own path to completion while steering clear of any obstruction. Fate and destiny for sure play a role in all of our lives as well as serendipity, but that is something we all must contend with. It is not a reason to give up. What will you do? The question centers on our individual wills. How may I engage my will to action? What form may my will reflect? Is my will strong enough to carry me and it's purpose through the ever changing emotional experiences I may encounter? So many questions, but they all boil down to how powerful is my motivational drive or internal fortitude. I have mentioned strength as a pivotal component of succeeding in fulfilling some hope. Strength has the connotation with me as being endurance, to last beyond all the doubt, until resolution. We have the ability not to be lost as to some significant purpose. The sensations of the flesh can only sustain satisfaction for intermediate times and are not discouraged, however they are not encouraged to be the only paradigm worth existing for. We also have a mind that reasons, analyzes and concludes. The usage of this ability we are given must be applied toward worthy projects that forward progress for ourselves and our beloved offspring. So the question of "What will you do?" has a real significance to all of us. It implores us to be responsible to ourselves and our fellow beings in a way that reflects the best of what is, and as yet to be created, inside us.

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