Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writing to be heard (#627)

When I was a child I had no idea such a thing as writing a blog post on the Internet could be possible. Growing up in California on warm summer days reminds me of the times I would go outside and lean up against the side of one of the houses we lived in and read a book for half a day. I would go to the side of the house where there was little interaction other than just nature going about it's daily course. In my hands was a story printed upon pages and pages of paper. This was how I was able to free my imagination and follow the stories of adventure and honor. Of course there was the television but it was for family entertainment, with only three, then four channels available, so it was limited in what it offered me. The radio supplied music and sports teams to relish in but nothing much more. We had newspapers delivered to our domicile and that gave us mostly facts of daily living and statistics of business and sports. It was in the reading of books however that captured my imagination and allowed for the creative curiosity within me to expand. I have, since I have become older, accumulated many books of literature and of instructional natures. Recently, within the last several years, I have found this blog site and created my own blog. It is because of this blog that I get to write on a mostly daily basis. The importance of this is that my thoughts, which are wide and varied, have a forum for private and public dissemination. I am not a unique individual in any sense but I have always been driven to think and want to be heard. This blog provides this capacity for me. I am writing to be heard.

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