Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Acknowledging the unknown, it's okay! (#992)

It is alright to say "I don't know", just let er rip potato chip! We don't need to be the all knowing, in fact we don't even need to be the mostly all knowing lol. It's really okay to be uninformed and admit that than to pretend that we do know, when we don't. I love that there is so much unknown out there, it helps fuel my curiosity to learn what I don't know. I am a little bit of a slow learner in the sense that I must know a thing deeply and fully before I move on to other things to learn. I can grasp most concepts but when I am having a hard time understanding something I don't know, I stay with it until I do. In the meantime however, I do not pretend to know it before I do. It is okay to admit inabilities, none of us are perfect and me knowing I am imperfect gives me the confidence to admit it. See, truth has a role in what I am. All of life has really gotten very simple for me, just being honest and truthful about my own capabilities/incapabilities has freed me to experience and enjoy this existence without reservation of reality. I am here and that I know. Everything else is an adventure in living and learning. My lack of ego is refreshing to me since ego only serves to inflate within me an illusionary perception of myself. I am just a human being, no different than any other human being in the species sense. I feel like I am cheating somehow in that I understand the life cycle for myself. I am reassured within me that what time I have spent here is precious and a gift. I exist as me, one who can understand that I am just here visiting and like a visitor, I am learning what I don't know. The structure of society that keeps us busy is helpful but not the purpose of our lives, living and learning are!

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