Friday, October 28, 2011

The beauty of the unknown (#1001)

I can find 5 great examples of why I have the instinct of curiosity. My senses of sight, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. Why on Earth would I not have a curious nature when I have these five senses? I am a walking, talking human laboratory. It is my destiny to take in information and knowledge. That I have a brain, capable of processing information and knowledge gained from my senses reinforces the idea that I am a gatherer of knowns and unknowns. Simply put, I am a living breathing data processor. lol. Now, of course I have a compassionate component that allows me to "feel" emotion and sensitivities to emotion, in conjunction with my processing abilities. It is as if I am a thoughtful gatherer of information. What this does is allow me to have perspective on my actions while continuing to analyze and reason. I know this sounds like I am making us all out to be machines, but what I am trying to do is show our natures in the light of being observed from outside our human species. If we could project ourselves outside ourselves and examine what we are in an objective way we would see the type of species I am referencing. I am not the species of organized civilization or remarkable by my societal attributes. I am a human with senses and the curiosity to use those senses in a compassionate way. That is the species I am. I look forward to everyday as it gives me another chance to apply my attributes. I again can draw in and filter information as I need to do given my propensity for information gathering. We are so close to having the type of technology that would allow us to move off our own planet and explore other planets and moons. This is my great excitement since it hits me at my core where my senses would have new and unknown treasures to find.

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