Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Equal measures of logic and compassion (#991)

This is how I see common sense. Knowing the facts and factoring in human qualities. I know that this simple form is not complex enough to capture all of common sense but it is close. Things like experience and perspective weigh in with their paradigms to help with logic and care but for the most part it is intuitive to say that logic and care are the two main ingredients to common sense. For all that I hear today though, it seems that common sense is not as common as it should be. I listen to most people's arguments about the subjects of our day and leave with a confounding dilemma, It seems that the big picture is being sacrificed in the name of some little contentious point. I am flabbergasted at the inability of those who see a different vision to be able to logically explain their vision to the end point without becoming adamant to any other possibility. It is as if logic is being compromised in favor of some hoped for outcome that does not have a basis in reality. Too many want to be demi-gods, foretelling a vision not based on reality. The problem is, is that too many are following the zealotry of belief without a grip on the logic of the belief. It is as if the conclusion of an argument does not hinge on the validity of the premises anymore. Illogic is all I can ascribe to it. Normally, common sense comes into play and that would usually intervene as a control as to what was correct and what was incorrect. No longer is common sense being given much credence as to many final analysis'. It saddens me to no end that the real problem we seem to be having has to do with both fear and lack of knowledge skills. The well rounded education has been replaced by the specific part theory and courage to face the unknown has been replaced by a belief system that cannot be proven. Unfortunately we are digging a hole for ourselves and are not even aware we are creating a fall.

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