Saturday, October 22, 2011

Honor comes from the heart (#995)

I have been going back into the memories of my life to it's earliest stages and have come away with the conclusion that I built the foundation for the principles of my life from my heart. My mind followed. It seems appropriately logical, since I was at my most innocent at the beginning of my life. I have held that we are mostly all born innocent and that our communities and environment effectively change our innocence to skepticism and cynicism. The cycle has endured over time and that I can even see that, is somewhat of a victory in an effort to combat how we end up as opposed to how we start out. Regardless, over time, we get opportunities to reflect back and change our perspectives if that is what we want. For me, it was going back to how my heart wanted to live my life and bringing my mind along to have it make sense of my choices. My heart is where home is and I like how my heart makes me feel. I have lived like a heartless uncaring human and it made me feel inhuman. It is my problem to have had the trial and error of this type of perspective and I would not recommend or even consider recommending it for others. Perspective can be gained in ways that do not include trial and error. That is the purpose of logic and common sense. A little bit of a curious intuitiveness will also benefit one from having to resort to trial and error. Back to the main subject here in this post, honor and how my heart creates it's happening. We humans are given two amazing instincts; curiosity and compassion, which otherwise may be described as heart and mind. With my heart, I live the instinct within me, constrained only by how my mind will allow me. Metaphorically, it is similar to my heart being the motor and powering my life but my mind being the steering wheel and directing my impetus. As I care for the feelings I feel, I also have built principles around them that care for their being, thus honor, honesty, loyalty etc...

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