Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ignorance is a choice (#996)

I don't very often start a post with a negative subject but it is necessary at times in order to keep things in perspective. The blindly followed mantra by those who are susceptible to mainstream media is becoming a large number. It verifies a conclusion I have come to that people will trust just about anyone if they are on television or radio. Just the fact that they are in a position to demand your acceptance of their opinions is enough for a lot of folks as enough evidence that what they are saying is the truth. I guess the reasoning goes like this; why would they lie? I am not a cynical person by nature and that more than likely is another reason for folks to accept information at face value. Unfortunately, being cynical in this day and age is only the first step toward uncovering the illusion of reality being presented. Do your own investigations of information by any means possible. I know that it is easier to trust some politician who comes off as all knowing, but don't be shocked when you find out that arrogance looks like knowledge. An agenda is being served up to us in a palatable fashion and we are so hungry we accept it as fact. Think about this, those who spoon-feed us a philosophy that lacks objectivity or that you can intuitively discern prejudice and bias within it, is not being given to us for us to decide but has a decision built into it that you are supposed to follow. If you are not being given honest and truthful, general information that gives you an opportunity to make up your own mind then you are being herded into a decision pre-planned by others. Remember, being objective allows you to see our reality without constraints, anything less is an attempt to confuse and manipulate your individualness into a group of followers, not leaders. Ignorance is a choice, what choice do you make?

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