Monday, October 24, 2011

Lying liars and the lies they tell (#997)

This topic gives me an opportunity to explain my theory about how the denial of compassion, survival and/or curiosity, can and will bring about human thoughts and actions that are not natural. When we have no compassion or curiosity about existence, we fellow travelers are left with a void that cannot stay unfilled. Rarely can anyone live in stillness and void for more than a moment or two. Something must replace the lack of our natural instincts of compassion and curiosity with a survival aspect. Since care and wonderment are not being expressed then the opposites of those characteristics will evolve. A lack of compassion, often described as psychopathy or sociopathy, or more generally, selfishness. A lack of curiosity often leaves us with a person who has a set defined life view that cannot be changed. A dogmatic outlook that has no concern for new information or even valid arguments from logic. A closed mind if you will. Since being closed minded and selfish can be melded together to form a persona that superficially expresses itself through confidence, it is often mistaken as wisdom. I suppose it is true that if you demand a thing long enough with conviction, regardless of validity, you will eventually gather a following. I will talk about followers another time but for now followers can be obtained through a series of manipulated statements and bombastic actions. Just because someone acts as if they are certain as to how everyone else should relate to the world does not make them right or even close to right. I, personally do not listen to those who exult themselves to places of prominence above others since that is the first sign of a closed mind. I prefer to be around and listen to those who offer compassion and curiosity as a course for me to follow that leads to me better being able to survive.

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