Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The mystery of existence (#998)

No one can say why we exist. Certainly we are born and that is how we exist but the why is still a mystery. Is there purpose to us or just serendipity? I don't know the answer to that question and really it is of no significance to me either. I would like to know why we exist but that is not anything I ever expect to know in my lifetime. What I tend to concentrate on instead is how I live this life I am given. I can find a purpose in that for me. Now, don't get me wrong here, I don't need life to have a purpose, but personally for me, I find more satisfaction applying a purpose to my life than not. I have reflected upon and cultivated what my instincts are and again, for me, I have decided that my instincts are worth having a purpose built around them. In other words, My instincts are sufficient for me and I don't need anyone else's instincts to work from. As you all know by now, I believe my three instincts, survival, compassion and curiosity are natural. All other instincts have morphed into being from the denial of any or all of the three I have just mentioned. Given my instincts and the desire to find purpose within them, I have found some guiding principles that help sustain me. Learning and caring for all of existence has quite the ambition to it. I know it is impossible to learn and care for all but that I still do says volumes about my outlook toward existence. I have no boundaries within learning and caring. Nothing is any less deserving of my attention than anything or anyone else. I like that! I do not get to pick and choose what is important. I only get to know what it is right in front of me and move on from there. I am a contradiction at times since as I get older I get more sedentary. My younger days were full of traveling and adventure whereas now I am much more comfortable just looking at my immediate surroundings wherever they may be. The why is not as important to me as the how I live and I will continue to distinguish between the two.

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