Friday, October 21, 2011

Ours not mine (#994)

I have found a simple formula for keeping the smile on my face. I don't look at the world as a place I need to conquer, instead I look at the world as a place I need to help. There seems to be one constant theme that circulates around in others' conversations about what needs to be done in our world. It being, that we must battle each other for the resources on this planet that are already here. We are not battling over things that don't exist but over things that are already here. Instead of us all taking part in the resources as a means for survival and cohabitation, we are nonetheless pitted against each other in some form of contest that has real life implications. Somehow a "thinning out the herd" mentality has become all pervasive and instilled in our mindsets. Nature does exhibit this trait among the lesser reasoning species, but somehow us greater reasoning species are being led to believe it is our destiny as well. The compassionate component within me says otherwise. We have not been given the ability to analyze, reason and conclude in a logical way for the sake of it being null and void. It is astonishing to me just how little we appreciate the gift of knowledge and application over the sense of some unconvincing argument that we must all fight each other for existence. The human experiment is not going forward as much as it could, instead it wants to emulate lesser species and their attributes for survival when these lesser species don't have the same wherewithall that humans have. Instead of raising the bar of enlightenment, we are lowering ourselves back down toward a by-gone era of brutish evolution. The dumbing down of our species has many causes and certainly it has to do with our own insensitivity toward each other. However, whatever the cause of our growing anti-intellectualism, in the form of rejecting the boldness of our species' advancement, there is still time to change the outcome.

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