Sunday, October 30, 2011

The pain on our faces (#1003)

It seems that the faces of those I see more regularly have some pain etched in them instead of a relaxed smile. It is indicative of our society that we are more concerned with how our lives are not being fulfilled as much as we had hoped or even mildly expected. There is trouble out there and it is not an illusion. Real hardships and decisions between choices have made us less satisfied and therefore more tensed and unsure. It is symptomatic of economic and political pathways that have gone down roads we are uncertain and even perplexed about. Life should have a pursuit of happiness quality about it. Instead we are in a period where we are competing with each other out of desperation and fear. The paradigms of the past are being convoluted in such ways as to tear at our conscious about what is right and wrong. We don't want to lose what we have yet lose it we will if things don't change. When ulterior motives are directing our every day lives, we must recognize them and discern them from the forces that would expose the ulterior motives and the characters behind them. In a free society there is no illusion. The only thing recognizable is the possibilities we desire. However, in our society today, there are "behind the scenes" movers and shakers who are diverting our free society toward one of confusion, to extract an undue benefit for themselves. The shadowy manipulators have no qualm in denying true freedom if it means they can sell you their "watered down" version of freedom. Intuitively, I know when I am being railroaded in ways that are not universally beneficial for our society. When exclusionary practices become policy, the life of our society becomes less fulfilling. When we are given less opportunity as a means of progress, our lives become more shallow. When only a few can claim our species' destiny, then the hardness on our faces will become the normal and not the exception.

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