Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Of privilege and deserves (#999)

Our expectations of reality seem to have some duty to honor ourselves for what our perceptions conceive. It is amazing to me that we can hold ourselves, individually in such high regard! Is it a defense mechanism to trick our own minds so that we can function outside what is real? If anything I have learned about myself it is that I am just significant, not insignificant nor magnificent. I don't hold to honoring myself as anything special nor do I disdain myself for being the worst of what I know. I am just another among many others. I find that this reality of mine is quite right and therefore easy to be a part of. There are no illusions of grandeur nor depressions of uselessness. I am happy to be alive and striving for what just and noble thing that is next in front of me. Life is that simple when it is that clear. I have ambitions to better myself on a constant basis with time mixed in to associate and communicate with others in a friendly and relaxing way. Life is not about being crazy or rushing about with only tunnel vision as my guide. I have life to live in order to be human. I am not just a set of limited actions or thoughts, I am all actions and thoughts I can envision. Needless to say that always my being must be within "harm no one nor myself". When I do violate this simple concept, I immediately halt and retract the action or thought that violates this simple principle. Now, to privilege and deserves. Those who are deserving of some accolade, receive that deserve through action or thought, that is appropriate and right, not privilege. I see our society set up in ways that honor those, who for nothing else, stand only in privilege. Privilege is not an attribute nor is it a desired character trait. It is a position in life that has less equality to it than merited. I enjoy and admire those who earn respect and honor for their actions and thoughts, and I don't enjoy those who claim respect and honor for no other reason than existing.

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