Thursday, October 27, 2011

The sophistication of natural rights (#1000)

This isn't just about breathing air, drinking water and eating food. This is about the right to define one's own destiny as long as no harm is done to others who wish to do the same. We all get to have a say in our own lives. Unfortunately, and in cases fortunately, over time, systems for living have been implemented and maintained. However, an ideal way for our species to interact and live out our lives has yet to be installed. Some of us look to refine what we call society or civilization to the greatest degree of possibility, while others wish to maintain the status quo out of some fear or selfish desire. The struggle for our way of life is still being fought and it centers on our natural instincts and what that defines. I have chosen to create this blog to use as a vehicle to examine and explain what I see as our natural instincts. It is always important to understand the subject we discuss by knowing what the subject is. I see our natural instincts as compassion, curiosity and survival. Simplified in three descriptive words. Of course those words have bountiful meanings implied within them. I used the topic title for this post for a specific reason, that being drawing attention to the enlightened understanding of our inalienable natural rights. As an example, I am a curious and caring fellow who strives to live. These are my rights! There should be no question as to me being able to exist in this reality with nothing less than these natural rights. Any policy of society or civilization that would hinder my ability to express my natural rights, within not harming anyone, would be a violation of my natural rights. It is not up to me or others either to define any restrictions on natural rights if the natural rights fall within the "harm no one" paradigm. This is how I judge what thoughts and actions are being proposed by others who have no sophistication on the precious ideal of natural rights.

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