Saturday, December 24, 2011

Accepting reality is important (#1058)

This post should remind me of what is real. I have a hard time accepting reality when it isn't the reality I think or want it to be. Nothing more than writing this blog post everyday is more telling to me that life is all about change. I want to be comfortable where I am and that is not how life is. Life should be uncomfortable most of the time. Life is in a constant change mode and therefore nothing is as it seems from moment to moment. I don't get to regulate the time/space continuum. As much as I want to wake up every morning knowing everything is alright and have no worries it just isn't natural. For one thing it insulates me from reality outside my small life circle. If I am not abreast of what is going on all around me I cannot ever be effective in helping make a better change for the future. If all I do is seek out the safety and comfort for myself while numbing my mind and soul to what others are dealing with, then I am living an illusion. I have heard the saying "some days I am the bird and some days I am the statue" and for me it is everyday I am both many times over. Nothing in my world is comfortable, chasing money in order to buy comfort and insulation from the world we live in is a cop-out. That is the prevailing modus operandi for so many of us that it is an expected form of behavior. All I am doing is calling it out for being an illusion and a thief of our reality. Selfishness and comfort are not our end-game. There is no end-game, there is only living life within our abilities to a part of it, not separate from it. For most I am just shouting into the wind because we have all been tainted with the discontent of uncomfortableness and our minds have been inculcated to put our comfort above accepting reality as it really is.

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