Friday, December 23, 2011

The art of wisdom (#1057)

I am at least moving on the road toward wisdom. It is a goal I want to achieve however wanting to be wise alone will never get me there. I must put myself in the position to be humble. Only then can I listen and learn the many different thoughts and actions needed for me to have options for enlightened living. Wisdom normally takes time to achieve, however some very young people have attained wisdom far beyond their years. They get life, unlike me, who had to fumble around in it in order to understand. Now that I am on that road that will help me to be wise in my own life and also maybe in others' lives, I can focus on learning and humility even more since I am not caught up in the previous chaos that had me confused. My life is simple and open now. I don't look for complications that are unattainable. My present life is being lived in the present, not the past or the future. How refreshing! I have given into the concept that fate or destiny are what they are after my life is over, not while I am alive. I am only concerned with how I live my life under the controls I have for my life. Everything else will happen as it does regardless of why or how it does. My previous concept on wisdom was that it needed to be some great mystery revealed when all it has to be is simple. The correct mixture of right, honorable and just seem to be the reoccurring ingredients whenever I stumble across the smartness of wisdom. My thoughts and actions are now steadfast into everything as much as I can of high principled living. Therefore, the less I say and the more I do should reflect that I am moving toward a wise life and hopefully will be an example to anyone watching that I have found a life that brings peace to my soul and a blueprint for others to share and re-invent for themselves.

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