Monday, December 19, 2011

The duty of our natures (#1053)

Being free and having liberty does not automatically equate to intelligence. Our American society on whole has battled and won the premise that we shall be free. But free to do what? We have rules and regulations we must all follow but what else should we be doing? If I am free and yet I can choose to be ignorant, should I be allowed that paradigm? I say no because although we are free and have liberty to be free, there are some duties we hold; to our society that provides that freedom, and to our nature which demands from us to be curious. I have heard so many times others say that they didn't care if they were wrong, they had a right to think whatever they wanted. I have been thinking about that and the thought comes to me that if we are to live in a society together, there has to be obligations and duties of basic thought. I am not trying to tell anyone what to think but that they must think and be accountable for their thoughts. No longer is this the era of doing anything I think because I am free, on the contrary, I am free because I don't do anything I think. My nature is my guide and caring and wondering are the foundation of who I am. if that is likewise the same for all other human species, then learning from my curious nature, intelligent things, becomes a duty I owe, not only to society but to my own self. My obligation to freedom is to apply logic and reasoning to everything so as to be a part of the best for society and not just illogical reasoning to separate myself from what is best for society. I have a duty and obligation to think in rational terms and not in ignorant ones. I cannot choose to disrupt the flow of something that I refuse to understand. I don't have that societal or human right to do that. If I choose to be ignorant then I am hurting, not helping the betterment of our society and it's future.

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