Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Finding my center (#1062)

I know I have written on this before in an earlier post but it has been so long ago that I feel the need to write about it from today's perspective. Life in this existence has no real schedule or purpose for us that is obvious. We must look at all the things around us and try to make sense of life. Still then, we are not given a blueprint for our behavior or in what way we should base our intuitions and ideas upon. We have the concepts of good and bad, right and wrong and so forth but in all the little ways we live there are, seemingly, no clear paths. Yet I have found something to rest all my considerations upon, honorable principles. Is this my purpose in life? For me the answer is yes, but even more it is a method, a process for which I can continue in life with dignity and my own self-respect. For me it works since I know in my soul, spirit or whatever, that being in a state of doing or thinking right and good things makes me strong and happy. Now that is what I want from my life, to be strong in my actions and thoughts as well as happy to be doing such. That is my purpose, to be ready to do what needs to be done in the most successful way. That is my center. I have to have a set of principles to live by, not rules or regulations but an ethereal concept of being the greatest me possible. Virtues that I can infuse into my day to day life. Will I ever know why I feel the need to be as good a man as I can be? Maybe not, but that I do feel that tells me that my trust in my own instincts is well placed. Never have I felt so human than when I am being in a state of principled honor. I would suggest that we all live as the most honorable we can be and see if that doesn't fix all the ails we find ourselves in need of fixing. Having a purpose is key to survival, without a purpose we are adrift in life with no honest sense of worth or accomplishment.

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