Sunday, December 18, 2011

The heart and the mind working together (#1052)

My first thought on this was that our hearts and minds seem to work against each other more than with each other. The failure of the two working in conjunction is that the mind and heart are pitted against each other with the mind the usual victor. I do love logic and defend it as the best way to find conclusion, however, with that being said, I am also an emotional and caring individual and often times logic may be correct in a sterile, desensitized world, but I don't live there and real life actions have consequences that must be held in a higher light than just what logic would dictate. The perfect scenario is when mind and heart have a parallel purpose and therefore an equality in conclusion. The factor of heart is dismissed as less relevant than that of the mind and all the logic it conforms to express. Then again, this is not a sterile environment. My heart "sees" with a passion for the best of our natures to be lived. I am always at my best when I feel good in my soul. It is how I am. I don't pretend to know what others may feel about this but I am of the human species and therefore, I can conclude that other human species feel similarly. I am not special nor worthless, and as such just normal, like others of our beings. If it "feels" right to me then it should feel right to others also. Now that is an example of the mind working with the heart. Knowing what is right and doing the things that bring about the right is the balance I am referencing. If we take advantage of our strengths while also having the knowledge that using our strengths has a positive expression not only outward but inward then we are in that reality where our futures improve, our presents are happy and our pasts are moments of pride.


tricia stone said...

I enjoyed this very much.

Man of Hope said...

Thank you Tricia, I am happy you enjoyed my thought, you are very kind :)