Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am still excited to wake up every day (#1061)

I know that some days are worse than others but still, all in all, life is good to be in regardless of my circumstances. Over time I have watched others leave this world and considered how I would feel to be permanently gone. I would trade most anything to continue seeing the sunrise and the moon and all the natural beauty in between. That does not even account for all the people in my life I have met and have yet to meet. Yes, I am still excited to be alive and a part of this existence. I am one of those people who can survive in any condition as long as my health holds out. My will to live is indomitable and a close ally. Not surprisingly, everything else is just a bonus. Whatever comes my way or I travel toward, is a new experience just waiting for me. I am just another entity in this existence, however, just like all of us human beings, I have the ability to reason and react to the environment. This makes my life unique, like all of ours, when compared to all other forms of life here. That in itself is powerful and motivates me in a humble way out of gratitude. I can never say this enough, I have been given the gift of life and survived it for this long so far. Not an easy task when compared to other humans both present and past. The remarkable consideration is that I still have that young wide-eyed wonder in my thoughts about what I can or yet could still do. As each day dawns for me I am reminded that possibilities are not what I think in my head but what I live in my life. When I leave possibilities constrained only to my thinking I deny myself the actuating of them. But when I live my possibilities the chance or degree that they may come to fruition is enhanced. My living is still going on and as of yet has not been shelved for some lesser concept that makes me feel less human and preparing to quit on life before it is over for me.

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