Friday, December 16, 2011

Man of Hope is an idea (#1050)

Not just me. I am the one who writes this blog post but the concept of hope is for all of us. I find that hope is all I have some days and even then it is very thin. How our world continues to put priorities of superficial substance that cause less than humane results is not conducive to me and my hope. My hope is like a force within a pressurized container. Sometimes my hope brims with effervescence and other times is barely causes a wave. Such is the roller coaster of emotions I have with my hope. Yes, hope has an emotional component for me. I suppose it is what differentiates me somewhat from others in that I wear my hope on my sleeve right next to my emotions. Now over time I have become inured to showing expressions that are easily read, however do not mistake the simmering cauldron beneath the calm thin veneer I reflect out as not existing. It is there alright and for that I am grateful. My passionate emotion about the hopes I have for life and society are my greatest character traits. Always remember, I care and I wonder. Never do I deviate from those two inherently human traits. Frustrating as it may be to be surrounded by a society that does not necessarily value care and wonder as the greatest of our abilities, nonetheless, I am hopeful, in time, that care and wonder will get to be our foundation for society. I have also moved on past the idea that I can make you think like me. I know that is impossible and in that resignation I find a welcoming peace. However, that I am not surrounded by the company of those who do think like me in the sense that care and wonder should be our highest priority, I am a bit let down. lol. I laugh because if that is my greatest disappointment then I am living a truly fortunate life. Many others face pain and suffering unequaled by most of us and that is far more pernicious and tragic than any of my philosophical longings.

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