Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We must win the war on ignorance (#1054)

Knowledge is inevitable even to those who only wish for basic survival require knowledge to exist on a planet that is not stable. The simple question of whether there is a war on ignorance implies that knowledge hangs in the balance. For those who are short sighted and only wish for simple times, knowledge is the creature that needs to be tamed and caged into a space where it can have little effect. That is how ignorance will prevail by destroying the idea that knowledge is good. Many wish to have a pre-modern era return as a substitute for a progressive modernity. In the old ways of living, hardscrabble sweat and information voided lives, a reality of ethics and morality may be tightly administered in order to shape the illusory form of the human experience. A surreal attempt to impose a predetermined concept of virtue as the foundation for all our actions. Placating curiosity as a demon of the mind and care as only within regulated constraints. The failed paths of history's attempts to control thought and action by standards created by humans. This ignorance is an alarming undercurrent movement that is taking liberty to expose itself to the light of day. Will it prevail in a society that has advantaged itself already through the attraction of knowledge? Maybe, when we fail to recognize our need to confront and rebuke ignorance, we implicitly advance the very same ignorance. We must all call out ignorance and dispute it at every turn we find it. It is not just someone else's responsibility, it is all of our's responsibility. Make no mistake that we are living in an age of enlightenment that is subtly and overtly being attacked by forces who wish to see ignorance and conformance as our new societal paradigm.

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