Thursday, March 15, 2012

Buckle up and hang on for the ride of life (#1140)

I often have used a saying and it goes like this, (I am just a passenger in the car....l). My little way of using a joke to define my reality. It is true, I am just a passenger in my own life because my life has a force of it's own and many times it carries me wherever it ends up. Certainly I do navigate as much as I can and hopefully good sound practices and principles I hold of value help me in the journey but the force of my life has it's own engine. As I do go careening off the walls of my immediate existence, metaphorically of course, I get to see and feel up close what really matters to me. My decisions are based upon what I have instilled within myself as appropriate with just a touch of daring. it is who I am and everyone else should also learn to know who they are as well. But even more than learning who we are, is being ready to live who we are when instant decisions come our way. If I react as I should then the foundations of my life are strong, if I don't then I still need to examine the confusion that is still within me. It is a process that we all go through and only living enough time to gain perspective will be our remedy. This stuff is important because as we will all find out soon enough, life really is too short. Just when we get most of it figured out we have hit older age and the hubris of our youth has become just fond memories. The most important thing the young can do is to keep from being distracted as much as individually possible in order to build as strong a foundation in order to live a more meaningful and purposeful life. I was not able to heed this message I give but then again, I did not have anyone who was of an intellectual insight around to present the principled example. Sadly, it seems that many youth are having the same problem of finding good examples of principled people's lives to exemplify.

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