Friday, March 23, 2012

Candy store or sweatshop? (#1148)

What is your view of what reality should look like? Are we born to have to struggle to stay alive or are we born to be caretakers of each other? I am sure it is somewhere in between but where exactly? The only way we will ever find out is to understand our natures and to understand the existence we are born into. It seems that basing conclusions on these two obvious dynamics has been overshadowed by our own sense of dogmatic beliefs and a mindset of being deserving. Instead of being wide-eyed and humble by our own conceptualization, we tend to skip that part and just plow ahead as if we were the ones who created this all. We did not create anything except what has happened between us since we first arrived into existence. Existence was already here and our own place in it has yet to be logically derived. It shows an obvious immaturity on our part that we are being led, actually allowing ourselves to be led, by those representatives, mostly, who have little respect for the unknown that defines our environment and how we actuate our place within it. Boldly ignoring our natures to allow our minds to wander to conclusions that highlight our mastery over those things we can control. Just because we can control some things does not give us license to treat that responsibility with such a cavalier attitude. The greatest wisdom any of us could display is humility. When will we understand that courage and strength come from our perfect serenity? We are not anything else other than human and understanding what it is to be human is all of our first step toward knowledge. I want to see our existence reflect more of a candy store reality with no sweatshop mentality, however it seems that others want the opposite and even refuse to understand their own premises for their conclusion.

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