Saturday, March 24, 2012

Money should never be greater than our Democracy (#1149)

Money has found a way to infiltrate our democracy in such a way that it is a real threat to destroying our democracy. So many powerful people keep proclaiming that capitalism and the free market are the sacred ideologies of our society while discounting democracy as an inherent obstacle in the form of our government. It really is a takeover of our fundamental civilization. For one, capitalism and free market theologies are parts of what make up democracy, not the overall structure. We also have forms of socialism that make up for the deficiencies in pure capitalism and unfettered free markets, such as social safety nets and health and safety/economic tempered regulations. Without which, a purer form of capitalism and free market manipulations would reign, and benefit those most adept at greed induced psychopathy and destroy many more who are not. Democracy fulfills many equalization ideals. When full participation is installed all who participate can help to shape our futures. I know that here in America we don't have full democratic participation both from political/security exclusionary policies and a lack of individual will on the part of many of our citizens. However the case may be about our current policies of exclusion/apathy about our democracy, we are still vulnerable to our democracy being subjugated by interests that have neither democracy at their core nor equality. Our vigilance in the current face of an onslaught by powerfully wealthy forces must keep us on our toes and recognize that our democracy is not a guarantee and it could be swept away incrementally without us being aware of the subtle changes going on around us. Know this, the forces of money who have an agenda to de-democratize America are at work and you can see the evidence every time some social or political dynamic comes up where a loss of some type of right is being advocated for.

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