Saturday, March 17, 2012

One cannot buy wisdom (#1142)

Wisdom is not a commodity that can be bought if enough money is applied. Wisdom is earned and then granted by those who see it's manifestation. For someone to claim that they have wisdom without direct proof is hogwash and an attempt to hoodwink others. Unfortunately, in this particular time of ours, there are several who have enviable platforms for broadcasting their opinions who do just that, claim they are wise. They don't come out and say it per se, however, they attempt to convince us of political, economical and philosophical positions using hard to discern, but nonetheless faulty logic. The rules of logic are quite sophisticated and based upon the intricacies of language. If most of our population is not proficient in our language, then the intentional grifters, yes, many who are conscious of promoting false logic are grifters, can act as if they are wise in order to promote their brand of influence. Nothing that is illogical has our interest at heart but how can we know when we do not understand the rules of logic? Simply, deductive/inductive reasoning states, (If A, then B). A more specific form of reasoning goes like this, (If and only If). When and where these rules apply takes time to reason out and just looking at examples can help to teach those who do not have formal training some basic helpful and insightful concepts. My friends have often questioned why people follow the illusion of wisdom some have over others. What always brings me back to square one with their question is that they have fallen for an illogical premise that has gotten them to an illogical conclusion. We humans are wired to learn from our natures of curiosity and when that curiosity is not given the apparatus to function in a logical world then we all suffer because we all are in this together. A helpful link:

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