Monday, March 19, 2012

Open arms equals happy hearts (#1144)

The strength and goodwill within us who see life as value beyond measure is what separates us from others. We have found what has always been right in front of us, that each of us is unique and deserves, even demands, that reality. Others have chosen the allure of value represented by influential power or monetary gain or even adulation as our highest value. Such is the world we live in and the actions we are instilling into our society. I can honestly say that greed is an illness that perplexes me because of it's obvious coldheartedness. Greed is not ambition, it is a lust that has no control over it's outcome. It is one thing to be under the spell of an illusory feeling but to be under it constantly for hours and hours on end is almost impossible. It takes a decision to be greedy, a strategic and intentional decision. Has the loss of humanity so inhabited some of us that we cannot find our way back to our own sense of goodness? it is a weakness and why I say that open arms equal happy hearts is where strength and courage live. Even in those few times when we are used or manipulated in our goodness, we can still rest on the fact that we were not the ones who failed. Cynicism has become a symptom and somewhat involuntary reaction for many folks who have had things taken from most of their lives and this is their way of trying to get back at life in general. Our society's sad state of affairs is a conclusion based upon many false premises that we live, although they are against the very grain of our natures. To move out of the cycle of greed and it's comprehensive effect on everyone else, we must just stop the madness and embrace our better nature to open our arms to everyone and let the best of who we are live. It takes courage to be made a fool of sometimes but the payoff is that sometimes a really marvelous thing happens, someone else gets to see and for a moment live where we all really should be.

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