Thursday, March 29, 2012

Think for yourself (#1154)

I spend a lot of time reading different titles to articles so that I can find out what the media thinks. This does not sway me one way or the other but it does inform me what the general mood is about whatever the subject is at the time. Once I read some of the articles however, I find that the titles are more the writer's opinion on the subject than an objective outline of the subject. Patterns in subjectivity are nuanced but readily discernible with a comprehensive understanding. Not all media portray "news" with a bias but many do and being aware of that is highly important. I don't let others think for me which gives me the opportunity to evaluate information with my own logic and common sense. We are all capable of deciding what is right and good for ourselves and to be involved in deciding for our community as well. Will we choose to do so with our own thoughts and understandings or we will abdicate our thoughts to forces that have their interests as the agenda. Nothing is so simple that we can trust others with how our lives are lived. Everyone it seems has a stake in something that is ulterior to our knowledge. When someone tells me something is good for me I am snapped to attention and automatically wary. My parents are the only ones I know who actually have my interests at heart and half the time they are wrong in their calculations. So why would I trust some talking head who doesn't even know me to tell me what I should be doing or letting happen to me. I am an individual who has his own mind and I know my character better than anyone. I will decide what is right for me and how I want to see our community of citizens build our society.

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