Sunday, May 26, 2013

New challenges (#1577)

When King Solomon said "There is nothing new under the sun", no doubt he hadn't envisioned a future like ours. There are more new things under the sun than any person in a lifetime could ever imagine. Surely though the King was referring more to situations of human nature like I like to believe he meant. But back to reality, technology and innovation have surpassed our simple way of living to make things so complex that we need to specialize our civilization into categorically specific areas in order to accomplish achievements reasonably well. For me, so much of my time is spent just on understanding the mathematics and physics around me in order to get some things done and keep myself safe from injury. Our world is a spectacle of incredible function and giving that function it's proper due is wise on our part. Our human species has to adapt to new ways of doing things as a principle of our conquering spirit. We are not a complacent lot, we need advancement to quench the thirst of our curiosity. We also need to keep moving forward into our destiny, which is to explore and examine the space that confines our possibilities. We are at a new age of manifest destiny and instead of knowing being confined to land bordered by oceans, we are now challenged to know the space between and the space confining the ends of our Universe.  

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