Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Demanding more from ourselves (#1566)

Not more for ourselves, but from ourselves back out to others. What is really interesting though is that when we do give of ourselves in selfless ways, we get something in return that cannot otherwise be gained. We get a perfect moment of accomplishment that has such a peace to it. I don't know how to describe right now the feeling I get when something from me benefits others in ways that satisfy everyone. It is an inexplicably pure sensation that makes me realize that my life has meaning in ways that I never knew it could. There is a connectedness that is experienced that truly does exist on some higher plane of rationality. We get there by being more open to being a part of life that makes good and common sense. Not just sitting by and watching life happen all around us. Getting out and trying to do what can be done within some sense of reasonableness. That is all that there is needed to be done. Something that is possible toward even being probable. The joy in life is through our emotions and digging down deep into them is where we understand the depth of our existence. We are not just mechanical automatons who do what needs to be done to satisfy our own needs. Rather we are robust sense orientated processors who can live with gusto when we make ourselves available to life outside our own needs. Surely there will always be those who think that serving only themselves is the correct way to live but those people are hypocrites in that they also expect others to serve them. Life is simple and does not need to be about power and gathering, it can be about the specialness achieved when doing for others becomes our favorite thing to do for ourselves.

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