Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In a relationship versus being alone (#1572)

The age old battle is not quite so clear cut in favor of one over the other. Most will say that finding someone whom they love and want to live together is their priority, yet the effort to actually achieve that seems to wane the closer one gets to achieving it. Some call it jitters and others, like me, call it fear to leave the alone I am somewhat familiar with. For all the promise a relationship brings, it does take from one's individuality in the sense that relationships require compromise and that is the inevitable problem. As a man who has been alone for the better part of his life, a few live in girlfriends several times notwithstanding, the jury is still out as to whether I am willing to commit to a woman whom I love. It would be helpful to actually have a woman whom I loved wanting to have the same with me but even the thought of that is worthy of considerations. I like the ability to do what I want when I want but I miss companionship. The perfect relationship is out there I am certain but not by the evidence I have seen with my family and friends over the years. If truth be known here, I am more inclined to have a relationship as I have had plenty of alone time and although I am not disappointed in being alone, I feel I would be more happy with a relationship. The point of this little rambling of mine is that the weight of either is real. The obviousness of coupling up is not without it's concerns, thus making the right coupling a significant step. Although I will continue to struggle with the advent of either dynamic in my life I look forward to the day when it actually becomes a real choice.

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