Monday, May 20, 2013

My never-ending care and curiosity (#1571)

My greatest attribute has been my ability to remember my childhood and the feelings I felt during that time. I was just starting out my life and trying to understand so many things happening. Like a lot of children, my first lasting impressions were formed from observing my parents, and although my birth father didn't make much of an impression on me, my mother did. What I saw in her was her kindness and love for not only we, her children, but also for her parents and siblings. There is no doubt in my soul that my caring heart is even further formed from my mother, even the sensitivity to emotion is directly attributable to her. I treasure that as a gift that has influenced my life to this day and beyond. My curiosity has always been part of me. I have wanted to know things since I could first utter the phrase, Why? But why? That was me when I was a child. I wanted to know how things worked, not only material things but we humans. I didn't take me long in grammar school to find the library where I was when I was not out playing games with other kids. I loved to read and fill my mind with answers to questions I hadn't even thought of yet. The school library was like being in a magical place where once I figured out the Dewey decimal system, everything in that library became my new best friend. Both my care and my curiosity are with me today in ways that are different from when I was young but in no less a passionate fashion. It is who I am and will be until I am no more. 

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