Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My wandering mind (#1579)

This is a problem I have had most of my life. I get to a point where my mind starts to drift from the subject at hand to other things without me even catching myself doing it. I have to purposely focus my mind on what I am doing or I begin to lose my concentration. I suppose I am no different than many of us as we seem to allow ourselves the distractions out of a sense of missing out on something. At least that is how I see myself concerning the "day dreaming" I do when I should be focused until the end of whatever thing I am doing. Most notably as an example is my work. I have done a lot of rough carpentry and when I start a project I don't just do one thing until I am done, I do many things at the same time as mostly things need to fall into place in some out of sequence order for me. I would be being too overly attached to process if I just did one thing while not knowing how other things were going to affect that one thing. Mostly with carpentry, like building a house, there is some degree of adjustment along the way since nothing ever comes together exactly as how one or many envision it. Nevertheless, I need to do a better job of placing my focus on smaller projects in order to do them better than my less than best effort. I say this in particular about some recreational games I play for fun and learning. Often I will lose focus against really tough competitors due to too many things going on at once. And when I do lose focus I am at the mercy of those whom I am competing against. Shameful on my part since they should be getting my best and most focused
 effort. Anyway, I thought I would share a little battle I have with myself about my less than focused mind at times. 

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