Friday, May 31, 2013

Not come what may but make what comes! (#1582)

The days of sitting back and letting the flow of life dictate what our lives will be like are over. It is up to us to begin and continue to change our own personal lives in order to reflect what we see as the change we all hope to experience. If we are not changing we are falling behind. Everything changes, everything, so staying the same or doing nothing to choose our change instead of it being chosen for us is inadequate and less than positive. Now the hard part it seems, having the courage to stand up to the old paradigms that despite being wholly unsatisfying are known therefore somewhat ironically, comfortable. Life is not about the journey toward comfort, it is the journey toward knowing and making life better for ourselves and those around us. Comfort is good in short spurts to rest within but mostly comfort is lazy and leads to an ego fueled ideal that breaks down virtue into greed, lust and self absorption. When we lose sight of our shared ideals that should be a beacon to the world we begin to undermine our own perceived standing as an example for others to follow. When avarice nullifies virtue, then nothing changes and changing our lives and the world around to the better has no hope. We are already in a world where avarice is seen as the pinnacle for all of us to reach, even though we know that it's followers are left with unfulfilled hopes to live as humans at peace with each other and the natural world we inhabit. There is only one course for humanity and that course is to change that which is wrong and to make it right.

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