Wednesday, May 29, 2013

We are how we treat others (#1580)

What is the motivation or the intent behind our actions? When we honestly admit the truth to ourselves is when we know who we are. Life is more than just some mystically unknown quantity, it is a reflection of what we are to each other. How we see others tells us what our souls are like. In my heart I know I am an honest decent human being but if my actions do not demonstrate that then I am just deluding myself about who I am. This experiment called life is really very simple to understand, treat others as you would want to be treated. Now go and live a good life! For those who do not treat others as they would want to be treated then hypocrisy on their heads. I have been a hypocrite and deservedly so. Yet I came to realize, just like we all should come to realize, that the actual living of life is the most important thing, not some material or control power that so many seem to lust for. I don't want to live with my back to the wall trying to protect a mountain of things when the only thing that matters is life. I don't want to die from others hating me or not caring enough about me to even respect and dignify my life. I want to die of an abundance of love if I had my choice. Choice, the most cunning action we can make as a species and yet most of us give it little to no thought when deciding what is right for our individual and collective lives. Most of us just follow the flow and try to grab a little bit from life as much as we can while abdicating our power to choose a different reality. It is time to get up from our armchairs and engage in our world so that the choices we are presented with reflect how we want to be treated.

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