Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Prejudice is a disease (#2048)

We are all sentient beings, even most of the lesser animals in our kingdom. We all have a central nervous system, even most of our lesser animals in our kingdom. Why would we ever allow our minds to accept that we humans are different from each other? Yes, we are different from the lesser animals but not each other. I am not saying we are carbon copies of each other, but instead I am saying we all have the same foundational features that define us as human beings. For us to look upon one another with an eye toward discrimination or bias is anti-human and not a positive value of our species. Just as our bodies can be infected with harmful bacteria and viruses, our mental conclusions can also be infected with incorrect assumptions and expectations. A purging of our thoughts that restrict our ability to see all of life within the human spectrum as equal is required and the antidote is humility. Somehow we infested our mindsets with an ego worthy of an unhealthy narcissistic proportion. When we perceive "others" who don't act or appear like us and then apply restrictions to them based upon our own bias and prejudices, we have effectively become a sub class of people commonly identified by definition, racist. I know learning new ideas is hard, especially when one comes from regions of our country that practice old paradigms of custom and myth not in tune with reality. However, not knowing how to be right in life and just following racist traditions is not a noble excuse. We all have within our power the ability to live as an independent minded human being. We choose how we think and what we accept as knowledge. Therefore prejudice is an individual's choice not a genetic marker. When we choose to be sick with an ill, we are per se, ill as a rule. No justification exists that makes being of a prejudiced mindset healthy. We must first recognize our own deficiencies before we can begin to be a part of the best world we can conceive.

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