Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stop blaming the victims (#2041)

The current condescending mantra of those whose ego's know no bounds is that if you are a victim perpetrated by someone else's choice then you are at fault for not keeping yourself out of the harms path. So in essence what these arrogant narrow minded folks are saying is that if you do not foresee what hazardous act may befall you then you are to blame. As if you can control the whirligig of chaos that our "free" society brings. So those who are the conscious perpetrators who are committing harmful acts are not to be held responsible for their intentional acts. That is what I am understanding from these predatory thinkers. It is as if they think they have found a reasonable defense for causing harm with impunity. The "I was just following through with my natural instincts to react to an opportunity given to me by the unsuspecting victim." theory. These modern day selfish pied pipers would change how we see ethics and justice and instead institute another form of the survival of the fittest mantra. It is already an acceptably practiced form in high finance where the metaphorical brutal concept of wolves and sheep is on brutish display. Instead of our society being raised and conditioned to the ideal that we humans are here to help each other, these predatory folks advocate that we humans are here to use each other when it profits or satisfies us in some primordial way. They disregard the paradigm of good citizenry and acceptable mannered behavior for the bastardized version of I can pick and choose my morality as it suits my passions and hungers. This constant shifting between enlightened human and uncontrolled animal lust is just normal for them and the contradictions are less cognitive dissonance and more the whim of fate without explanation. The psychopathy of these "disturbed" individuals/groups is that they have emotionless focus for their own fortunes as well as none for others. Surely an example of the inmates running the asylum.

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