Friday, September 5, 2014

The American worker (#2044)

Corporations are constantly trying to lower their labor costs by promoting politicians who would role back organized labor gains made over the last century. They see a cost/benefit analysis that excludes labor as an equal partner in their enterprise. Thus the American worker is excluded when it comes to fair and just compensation. That is the mindset of the profiteers at all costs who only wish to make their own profit as high as possible while placating and similarly rewarding their shareholders. So the people who put money into the enterprise, and those that manage that enterprise are the only ones under consideration for being compensated with often too generous profit. The workers are just a means to an end and not a respected part of the whole. This is the agenda of the Republican party as well, reward those that have the capital while neglecting or worse, taking from those who make up the labor. An unequal system that has proven to be successful in it's ability to make profit yet unsuccessful in the fair sharing of that profit. When corporations see themselves as "people" and don't see their labor force as equal people we know that the philosophy of the corporations and their spokespeople, the Republican party, have lost touch with reality. The egoism needed to ignore labor as expendable is truly a dysfunctional societal trait. We are all in this together and when we are not, then the idea that our democracy is fair and just is an illusion. I will end with the reminder to folks that the American worker has few peers in the world when it comes to dedication to our pride and self respect in doing a good and great job and in our ability to meet our obligations and goals regardless of often intervening circumstances. In other words we are catty on our feet when the time for agility in configuring solutions is required. Otherwise, these corporations would all be operating in other countries. I am proud to be an American worker, I just wish corporations had the same pride in having American workers who create the success for their profitable enterprises.

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