Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Democratic agenda (#2069)

The first hing we do is act on climate change. If we don't start protecting our planet from our human activities nothing else much matters if our planet turns on us. The process of change will take time but our best efforts to reasonably mitigate what we know is harmful to our planet and ourselves must be put on a hard schedule so that all will know how they must act. The next item on the agenda is to change our election laws to reflect one person one vote, for people only. Ease of access to the polls and making private contributions back to small amounts per person and not unlimited large amounts for corporations or other organizations. Our next agenda item is to fix our immigration system which would reflect the better of our natures. Having millions of folks living outside our legal civil society in an undocumented limbo is atrocious. Equality must always be a hallmark of our laws so the rights of men and women to be equal in all their rights is foundational. Whether in pay or self determination, women should always be on the same level with men. If men are going to continue to define the roles of women we will only have the illusion of democracy instead of the proper example of it. Our health care, albeit better now must continue to improve to the point of being universal to all who are citizens. If anything, our health as a nation comes from the health of our citizens and not having access for all is a detriment to individuals and to our national conscious. As important is education. The ability of our nation to conquer the unknown rests in our ability to teach our coming generations all that we know. The path forward should have universal education as a right not a privilege. There are more sensible agenda items notwithstanding seniors and the disabled that will be addressed, but for now suffice it to say, progress in the Democratic party rests on our citizens being able to earn a lifelong living worthy of our ability to put honorable effort into our endeavors without obstacle to opportunity.

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