Sunday, May 31, 2015

Republicans are infected with greed not virtue (#2312)

They like to think of themselves as capitalists but that is their mask. they are opportunists on the level with carpetbaggers. They are not about a better democratic society they are about the bottom line. To suggest that they are not is a denial of epic proportions. I thought I lived in a country where we could all make profit off of our labor and ideas but not so that we would destroy our democracy. Nothing comes before our democracy for me, NOTHING! Our great country has been established on the blood and treasure of our citizens, not to make only some wealthy, but to give all a right to a free and opportune pursuit of happiness. The greedy profiteers are a scourge and a shame to our society yet we placate them because they have great wealth. It is akin to honoring those who profited off the cruelty and inhumanity of war time theft. When will our society recognize that an honest days labor or an honest days invention is the value here, not the ability to shuffle paper and destroy occupations? The Republican party is dead to me and anyone who associates with them are only showing their allegiance to greed, not liberty, equality and justice. The Siren call for monetary gain at any cost has been blaring loud and long and only those who have virtue within them strong enough to ignore the call will be able to escape it's reckoning. For there is a price to pay for being greedy. If you live in greed, others will always be looking to steal from you what you have stolen from others. It is inescapable that karma and logic will not have their day with you. You may think that you can live a life of greed because your days are numbered and who cares what happens next. Well, I care and others like me care and soon enough the greedy folks like Republicans will feel the sting of our protective wrath for our democracy!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

We keep ourselves going (#2311)

Do we realize that we are responsible for taking care of and keeping in reasonably good order the most amazing biological entity ever? Each of us individually is, in our own way, a master of directing and charting a course for a being that is unequalled in all the known Universe. Of course I am referring to our own bodies. Think about this for a moment. The amazing conglomeration of atoms, molecules and cells that make up our own existence is reliant upon the creative intelligence we all seem to have within us. What is even more amazing is that we don't ponder on it much except to struggle and overcome obstructions and disappointments. yet we endure despite all the obstacles out there that would make the act of living our only struggle. If that isn't a qualification for leadership then nothing is. We are all very capable of not only directing our own lives but of also directing the grouping of our lives when necessity is greater than not. We each are a magnificent example of ingenuity and crafty maneuvering when it comes to protecting and enhancing the host that we each dwell within. Our bodies are like a life suit that we each need to inhabit this existence. Our mental and emotional functionality is most efficiently dependent upon a well kept host. Some of us are better and more driven to keeping our hosts in prime condition but too many of us are not given the opportunity to have the same solutions for the upkeep and improvement of our hosts. That we don't have a basic level of enlightenment that would create a floor from which all of us can safely operate from is disheartening. Although we many do find a way to manage our hosts as best we can, the room for improvement is glaring and when put in this light a foundation for existence seems so obviously needed. Assuming of course that we want to evolve into more enlightened beings instead of reverting back to a more savage animal era.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Dental care should be part of universal health care (#2310)

For the life of me I cannot understand how we have allowed the profiteers to carve dental care out of health care. The health of our teeth and gums are vital to our overall activities and self esteem. I know too many folks who have had to let the health of their teeth and gums go because of a lack of necessary dental coverage. Most often it is always a choice between paying the bills or getting dental work done. I have looked at pricing for dental plans for individuals and they are priced beyond what I can pay as well as only covering a percentage of the costs. The rest of the costs must come out of my empty pockets. So given that my teeth and gums are vital to me I must somehow figure out how to pay the costs of having work done to the detriment to my other responsibilities. It is insane to think that dental care is not part of health care. Why have we allowed the greedy to dictate what is health care and what isn't health care? It is because we have those in power who are not strong leaders for all Americans. Which political party houses most of these weak leaders? Well, if you know me at all you will have guessed already, it is the Republican party, who have thrown their allegiance to the wealthy at the expense of the majority non-wealthy. Republican's are able to do this because they are making voting harder for an already disinterested voting public. We let this happen to ourselves because we don't exercise our duty to vote for our common sense priorities. Vision, dental care, and all other health related paradigms are part of a comprehensive approach to wellness that needs to be part of an overall individual health strategy. Time to vote the Republicans out of office and elect Democrats who are willing to fight for common sense and logic, especially in the arena of our health.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Capitalism will thrive in conjunction with social protections (#2309)

What the right wing Republican party does not understand is that capitalism will NOT work unless there is a strong consumer base. By increasing wages and ensuring that those out of work, our seniors and the disabled communities, have a floor from which to exist from, we are only adding to a greater consumer force which drives businesses. An economic win/win which not only would support existing entrepreneurs who have smart and efficient products and ideas for sale but also those who are planning to create new businesses in the present and future. A strong consumer base spends as a necessity and as a desire to improve their living conditions. We all know that products made anywhere only last for so many years and then it is time to replace them or repair them. Either way capital is spent on the endeavors. Moving capital around is how our economic society functions and the more consumers we have the greater the economic activity. By keeping a majority of the wealth with the middle class we will find that consumption will increase manifold. As we have seen in the last few decades, when the wealthy have the majority of the wealth it doesn't get recycled back into our economy, instead it sits in overseas banks and is used to cause conflict, in the search for maximum profits, in underdeveloped nations. Here in America the delicate balance of a strong middle class and the wealthy class has shifted toward a great advantage, dramatically to the wealthy. This is why we have little progress in our country as to infrastructure upgrades and smart and efficient energy paradigms. The wealthy continue to hustle the concept that the wealthy are the job creators, not the consumer base, but again, they don't get that without a strong consumer base it will only be the minority wealthy who profit, while the majority of the rest of us will continue to struggle and despair over lack of opportunities and necessary survival needs. If the wealthy do get that they are the only ones who profit, then the rest of us need to run them out of town, tarred and feathered, on a rail!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The joy of giving with dignity and humility (#2308)

Surely the Republicans who read this will not agree since most of them are of the survival of the fittest mindset whereas greed for the individual is paramount and giving is not to be tolerated. Such a cruel and brutish existence if you ask me. Instead, I have found not only inner peace but a satisfaction in my soul when I can give to others who actually need and respect the receiving of my giving. I don't know how many more times I will say this but surely it will be many, that the real riches in life are not material, they are much more kin to happiness, hope, joy etcetera. It is of some comfort at times to have what we need in our lives and some degree of material accumulation is necessary. But when the material greed is grotesque and over abundant we move from a paradigm of reasonable comfort into the obscene. When so many have so little it is abhorrent that some, like the Republican party, who continue to vilify those with little and applaud those who strive to have much more than enough, cannot make the connection that all of us deserve some type of well balanced life, not just those with privilege and advantage. To understand the survival of the fittest crowd one must take a close stark look at their philosophy. They may say that all can work to have a better life and need no others to help them, but the reality is that not all can find the work or the opportunity to work given the lack of resources and institutional biases within our economic structures. Since this is obviously the case the reason for their survival of the fittest philosophy must lie on a more insidious bed. They regard their lack of care and lack of tolerance as greater than their love for democratic principles unto which our great nation was founded upon. Unfortunately their bad behavior has yet to be punished at the voting booth but soon they won't be able to propagandize their actions any longer.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Rites of passage (#2307)

When those moments come when some younger person actually listens to what we say what are we saying? Are we leaving behind us the wisdom of our age? I do not let myself have an unclear mind so that when those special moments occur, I can respond comprehensively about most subjects without having to miss a beat. I spend a lot of time in my head keeping my perspective open and clear for when I need to express them to a willing audience. It is a privilege having been asked my opinion or thoughts on any variety of subjects. I take it as an honorable duty to be as objective and forthright in my given analysis. Seldom is there a chance for a do-over so getting things right the first time, regardless of the unsuspected moment occurring is crucial to me in that I want to be the best human possible when it is my opportunity to be so. We all have a need to matter to reality. In some ways and in many ways, we are all of this paradigm. To be able to concisely advance concepts that have taken me years to understand in minutes is the goal. I want to save others from having to live through the grueling process of trial and error by being able to show them the unnecessary path I took to getting to my conclusions. It is the rite of passage to progress our society by helping the next generation move forward more efficiently and more enlightened that we were, just like we learned from those before us. It is a genetic code type thing that other animals in the animal kingdom also display. Improving our species to a greater plane of existence should be all of our goal. We don't know what the future holds for us or our future generations of humans but we can keep progressing forward in anticipation of the unknown by cogently expressing our individual objective wisdom when it is earnestly entreated from us.

Monday, May 25, 2015

You have to choose (#2306)

If by magic I could give you a lesson on how to live your life I certainly would. Over the years I have come to know the purpose of human life in this existence. But I cannot make you accept it, I can tell you but I cannot make you believe me. So how is it that somehow miraculously I am in the know of the purpose for the human life? Logic, that is how. I look at our overall capabilities as a human being. We are biological data processors with memory and an emotional component that let's us distinguish between right and wrong. We should be basing the difference of right and wrong on one simple clause, "do no harm". As to our data processing abilities, generally we have five senses that allow us to input data from our environment. We have a central processing center located in our minds that allow us to process the information as to reasoning, analyzing and concluding. We store this information in our memory which can house an enormous amount of storage capacity. Our minds also allow us to pull up information in microseconds. Given that we are, to put it in terms of an engineer, probes. I can conclude that we are learning devices with an evolutionary component that allows us to create and innovate through our imaginations. I want to stop and elaborate on our imaginations. This is an amazing paradigm we possess. It is not so much logical as it is a function of scrambling our logical knowledge base in ways that not real but possible. Anyway, back to our purpose here in this existence. By taking what I know of our inherent talents and our emotional attachment to each other I can only conclude we are here to explore, which I call curiosity, and we are here to enjoy each other's company, which I call compassion. We are here to care and wonder, as our greatest priority, Outweighing economics and social engineering by exponential amounts.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Democracy, the fragile balance of rights and security (#2305)

Since the moment of the attack on September 11th 2001, our nation has been on a trajectory of outweighed default to security concerns at the cost of constitutional liberty. We moved from a paradigm of debate about security issues, to fearfully allowing a command and control "Patriot Act" that has taken debate out of our hands and placed it instead into the hands of military and security driven officials. I am glad that we are being protected by valorous officials, but at what cost to our liberty? We don't have the same zealous defenders on the liberty side of the fragile balance to fight for our freedoms. It is almost as if the security side of the equation has overwhelmed the liberty side and we are not prepared with a process to keep the balance in tune. I look at the militarization of our police forces and how they are less likely to serve and protect than to dictate and control. The callousness they are accepting in their behavior cannot be justified because of fear! Our American nation has many ongoing problems to overcome and they will not be overcome in the immediate future if we start to lose sight of our own values. It is as if we are becoming the enemy we have always stood and fought against. Tyranny in any form is not an acceptable solution even in a time of war. We learned that lesson in the past but it seems we are to learn it again. The root of our destruction won't come from the outside filtering in, it will come from us by not living up to the values our nation was founded upon. It starts with punishing greed and injustice. If we don't clean our own house of the rot that will not stop it won't be some other nation(s) that attack us it will be we attacking ourselves that will kill off our great democratic experiment.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Keeping happy and caring people in my life (#2304)

The people I associate with in person are the people who make me smile if not downright belly laugh or they care so much more than just for themselves. It hasn't always been easy for me to spot them when I meet them but after some time their character and personalities become apparent. I have found out the hard way that I have no time for negative people or people who are ruthless in their own ambitions. Life shouldn't be about how we get over on each other, life should be about happiness and righting wrongs. There really is so much to do and to think about changing for the better that which is not better, that any time spent in unnecessary frustration or unnecessary harm is illogical like Star Trek's Spock would say. As a member of an amazing species we have unique abilities that are better served when we are doing positive things and enjoying the experiences life puts in front of me. These are the riches in life we seek, not monetary gain or the old dream of sitting in a room full of money and wading in it. lol. It is like that dream I once had of eating my way through the center of a mountain of Jello, it may sound good in theory but the practicality of it is that I would only get sick to my stomach. Quality of life is the real value, not quantity of material, or the "woe is me" types. There is much hard work to be done to fend off the thieves who would destroy our democracy and there is much work to be done to improve our historically new democratic society. All of which takes objective positive thinkers who are more in tune with inner happiness instead of a false outer one. These are the ones who fascinate me and with whom I would be proud to call my friends.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Alcohol and drug addiction serves the wealthy (#2303)

The more of us who are not able to be critical thinkers the closer the wealthy get to having a servant class available to them. When we are more concerned about our next buzz or our next sports game than we are about our opportunities to work, have health care and even retire we play into the hands of the greedy wealthy who see those of us who are not wealthy as less than human beings. They see us as resources to be controlled and to be used. That the wealthy condescend to the non wealthy is not up for debate, it is a fact due to their ever increasing isolation from the general public and their walled off communities. That the wealthy see us only as usable material is also not up for debate either as they continue to shrink the public good at the expense of a caring society. The wealthy want no minimum wage, nor do they want environmental controls that dissuade them from profiteering off of natural resource plundering and ravage. Instead of building schools the wealthy, and their political arm, the Republican party are building more prisons. They are also steadily creating a two class judicial system whereas the non-wealthy are subject to much harsher penalties than the wealthy despite being charged with the same crime. The wealthy don't see America as their country but the world as their country and if they see benefit in some other part of the world despite it hurting America they are eager to forsake America for that profit. There is no doubt about that either as they continue to offshore not only work away from American citizens but they give themselves, through Republicanism, a tax benefit for that off shoring, while keeping many trillions of American taxable dollars in foreign banks. The advantage the wealthy gain from a discouraged and doped up American constituency unfortunately is a lesser priority by the non-wealthy on the actual harm the wealthy are doing to the intelligence and truthful knowledge we all need to see through the wealthy's intentional deterioration of democracy.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poverty recycles itself over generations (#2302)

I have seen enough of poverty to know that it isn't necessarily the people who are trapped in it that are the problem. It is the lack of opportunity in impoverished communities that propagate the status quo. In my immediate impoverished neighborhood little has changed in the decades since I have moved back to domicile here. The lingering lack of hope that any sustained employment or opportunities to improve oneself is heavy. Where even a large chain grocery store is not available. To get fresh vegetables it is necessary to travel to other communities or wait for the weekends and buy from local temporary farmer's markets. Where a readily willing workforce is here but no opportunities for work exist thus recycling of poverty is our reality. Until our citizenry are led by political leaders who are willing to make hard decisions about improving the future of our communities we will continue to be stuck with a lack of care about the future of many of our citizens. Poverty is a curable paradigm all it takes is the willingness for either private enterprise or public direction to put people to work doing something they can be proud to be part of. We are all human with the same human desires for our and our children's lives. Leaving many with little to no hope for a decent respectable future degrades our possibilities and increases our angst. Easing poverty conditions is such a profound improvement for all of us on so many levels. Not only would we be bringing into our workforce a ready and able tax base but we would be lowering costs needed to help those through poverty paradigms. Giving people hope for a better life is how we rebuild our poverty stricken communities and forsaking none should be our goal.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The power of honor (#2301)

Those souls who live and think in less than honorable ways out of choice when they could just as easily live in honorable ways have only short term gain going for them. Maybe that is enough to actuate their agendas, but in doing so they leave a tarnish on our society and on our species that is not worthy of our respect or acceptance. Their sociopathic natures may make them immune from guilt and shame but nonetheless the being of their guilt and shame remains for the rest of us to witness. So those of us who have a normal behavioral view of honor view those who don't with suspicion and wariness. Although the sociopathic are masters of underhanded and brutish practices that benefit them, they are clueless about caring for the effects of their ruthlessness. The same goes for the politicians in the Republican party who emulate and model themselves after sociopathic tendencies to please certain dishonorable segregating constituencies. There is no honor there that they can claim is legitimate, though try that they may. Wisdom allows us to see comprehensively the words and actions exhibited by those who skirt honor for another less than open agenda. Yet those of us who have given up the selfishness in our own lives are easily able to see selfishness in others so those who are underhanded are easily identifiable. Calling them out isn't so easy since they are ruthless in their protection of their illusions. Yet the power of honor overcomes any resistance to call out less than honorable traits. It is better to be an honest man than one who lives with lies and deceptions all around him. A peaceful strength is a direct effect from the cause of honor even when the honorable act often incites conflict. An honorable mind and soul is a much more dangerous weapon to a dishonorable soul because the truth of things is a greater motivation than a lie of things.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One reason I started this blog (#2300)

On January 20th 2009, President Obama was officially inaugurated as our 44th American President. This culmination from the national election at the end of the previous year in November was such a paradigm shift from all previous elected and appointed Presidents that I felt I needed to establish a voice of my own to record my thoughts about the nature of our human species and the role we play in establishing a new foundations for our future. Such great hope I felt at the time was not much diminished by our President but it was by the Republican party that sought to undermine our new great leader when he was reaching out to them in earnest. The treachery has been well established and although not technically, legally criminal it was dishonest and beneath the dignity of honorable men and women. Regardless, I was 11 days into our new President's term when I wrote my first blog post and for almost everyday, (excluding 3 days in the early years I was indisposed to write every day, which I immediately made up the next day with two posts), highlighting what is best about our inherent natures was my goal. I have over the last few years deviated toward writing about the insipid Republican party and it's flailing attempts to destroy our democracy so that they may install a brutal and harsh bastardized theocratic plutocracy that pampers the very few wealthy and disregards the massive majority non-wealthy. Eventually our society will see beyond the propaganda of the wealthy and examine the facts based upon reality and we will depose the current Republican party of any public influence. Until then my little blog post will hammer them with facts to expose their hateful political philosophy. I had hoped to highlight the greater good of our society with the tremendous dedication our President has shown toward building our country into a more equal and just society but apparently not until we ill informed Americans have had enough of Republicanism.

Monday, May 18, 2015

When the wealthy think they are better than others (#2299)

A common affliction among the wealthy is that they think they are somehow better than others. That somehow through commerce there is magic and whoever has the greatest luck in accumulating profit is somehow ordained as superior. All that that tells me is that they had already felt inferior and because of economic success have reversed their own internal incorrect feelings toward a further new incorrect understanding. Trading illusion for illusion in a way. Let me be as clear as I can be about this, wealth is fortunate and not many people receive it's benefit despite honest or dishonest attempts. It is more a circumstance of fate than any real opportunity of equality. So illogically putting everyone in a race that you have won and then telling yourself you beat them all is just nonsensical. Here is how I handled races that I have won. I congratulated those who were actually in the race and counted myself fortunate that on this one day I was able to win, a race that didn't have any privilege or advantage in the mix of it. An honest race where all of us had the same opportunity to prevail. A humility above any false sense of bravado was my reward because I have lost races as well and I know all too well that eventually we each have our day in the sun. None of us wins every race. Unfortunately, most of today's economic winners don't have that same insightful understanding about all of the humans in our species. The wealthy pretend that they are gifted above all others because of their victories. Obviously we are being shown that good fortune in economic ventures doesn't translate over to intelligence, in a comprehensive way, in the general arena of life. A sad state that the wealthy are on course to continue.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Choose honor over greed (#2298)

I have learned this lesson very well. What my soul reminds me is that if I take what I want when I want it I am not pausing long enough to understand the harm I am doing to everyone around me. When I am taking as I please I am not seeing the nuance of the harm it does to those who are left without. Today, I stand tall with conviction in my heart to be moderate in my desires. I know I cannot have what I want when I want it. That is not right to think I can be above everyone else in the time I have here on our planet. Because our society is fractured so badly that too many do without not just their desires but their basic necessities. There is a political faction in our great nation that wants to punish those who are not like them, despoiling the ideal of equality and justice. While we are in this paradoxical era, we all need to be mindful of rooting out this faction of greed and selfish behavior. Either by voting their leaders out of public office or establishing laws that blunt their attempts to destroy our hard fought for democracy. I am talking here about the members of the Republican party. Not all are bad within the Republican party but those who aren't bad are too weak to stop or control their much more dangerous and reckless colleagues. Our nation can recover from this horrendous display of selfish Republicanism but only if we resolve ourselves to shun and shame them when they promote their nasty brutish agenda. We should all take heed that our species, despite being a formidable force of nature, is prone to fragility. We need to care for ourselves at a fundamental level that gives us a foundation from which to launch the brilliance of our individuality. The current Democratic party is the vehicle for this recovery and although imperfect in some ways the overall strength is the respect and dignity Democrats give to all who would build to improve not only our nation but our species.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Trembling and quaking yet still courageous (#2297)

Even in those moments of frozen fear we can break through and display our courage. Remember courage is not defined by victory, it is defined by resolute honor. I have been scared as much as I could possibly have been yet I still found a way to stand up and defend what I knew was right. There have been other times in my early life when regardless of courage, I could do nothing to stop obvious harm. The wretchedness of being unable to effect honor is crushing. But I look back at those times and realize that it wasn't so much about my inability to thwart harm as much as it was about my ability to want to stand up to harm in all it's forms. The forming of my principled life was created through the wrongs I could not right. Although there is sadness and frustration there for me even at the disadvantage I was at to make wrong into a right, I know that I am not super human and I cannot solve all the problems that exist everywhere, although I still an hopeful. The truth of things is my goal regardless of the outcome that truth dictates. I know this and I don't expect something magical to make it different. But as I continue to live in the truth of reality, I am better prepared for how truth affects me. I am not caught sideways by it's being and in the end regardless of how truth reveals it's outcome, I am still the honorable man I strive hard to be. That is the choice I get to control. My choices about my life and how I will defend them is the only control I need, the rest will be what it becomes based upon factors outside my control. That is why all of us need to prioritize our lives based upon the best of who we are not the settled for what we have become. I may be scared out of my wits by something but I still find myself courageously standing up for what is right regardless of the outcome.

Friday, May 15, 2015

I haven't lost the passion of my youth (#2296)

It isn't strange to me that I feel the same passionate feelings about wrongs and injustices I learned as a youth. The circumstances and situations have changed but the underlying problems are still hot in my blood. I haven't flamed out and become part of what I saw as the problem back then, I have stayed adamant about correcting those same problems today as I was in years gone by. I was right back then to be resolute and I am still right now with my resolve. I haven't grown to ignore what I know is wrong for some gain for myself, contrarily, I have remained steadfast in holding up honor and justice despite my winding path to today. I never gave up on my determination to be a better person, that much I can claim for the most part. Like I said, my path was winding but I never went off it. Things were so clear back then, a wrong was a wrong and no amount of ambiguity could make it any different. I call bullshit when wrong is there and never will I stop doing that. It is unfortunate that so many of us who in our youth rallied to causes that we knew deserved our backing and yet now too many of us have grown up and discarded our honorable values for lesser ones. I hear their arguments, like you don't know what I have to put up with or I can't afford to do what is right all the time. Well, I could have used those same arguments myself but I choose not to, despite the economic and relationship destroying effects that followed. I am an honest man who hasn't lost his motivation for doing right, even when only a few will stand with me. The reason I still do is that I am a leader, like all of us are, but I choose to lead and let come what may. In my heart I am well satisfied and a richness of soul is my reward. No amount of compromising my principles will ever tally the same outcome. We can't change the current paradigm if we are not willing to show others a new and better one.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Keeping up with the Jones' (#2295)

The rat race to put on the best mask we can afford. The silly game most of us play has got to stop if only for the reason of our more perfect individual destiny. Is this the best we can hope for? To be a copy of something that enables the continuation of an illusion? Reality is shaped by how we think. How we think! Not how we are funneled into choices that restrict our right to have our own opinion void of pressure and undue consequence. What happened to us? Is the addiction of wealth so powerful that we are willing to forego our honor and individual identity? I suppose that we don't have to think about what we are trading for our desire to have more and better. All that seems to matter is what is right in front of us and not a more comprehensive understanding of where it is all leading and what it is doing to others who are not seen by we. Is our own self importance the only real choice we are willing to consider. The cynicism that is reflective in our unwillingness to get involved in things outside our personal reality is the cancer that is becoming impossible to cure. Unfortunately our own unwillingness to face the effects we cause on the rest of our species is not objective nor real. We are not born to be a problem, we are born to be a solution. Until we can get past the commercial greed of our current society we will only be remembered in history as the blind being led by the greedy. A short shift in our generation but a damaging one. The setback to our enlightenment cannot ever be recaptured in it's infancy. Keeping up with the Jones' is a term used to describe our insatiable need to have more and better for ourselves than those we associate with. A draconian concept in that a majority of the rest of our species is under the table hoping for scraps from our gluttonous greed and wondering when the mental affliction will be recognized and cured so that all of us can be part of something greater.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The genius of doing what is right (#2294)

I used to think, check that, was conditioned early on that doing whatever it took to further my economic betterment, reasonably within acceptable business norms, was how I was supposed to approach making decisions about my life. For the first part of my life I didn't question that paradigm since it seemed to be what everyone else was also doing. I was just following what I had learned as the way things were done. Until I realized the shadier side of the competition. Often I found that by subtle or brutish manipulation, I could sway circumstances to my advantage. Not really being fair but regardless, acceptable it seemed. The problem with that is though despite the rush of "winning" at whatever need I felt I deserved, I didn't ever feel good about myself. I finally came to realize that I was in an internal struggle with myself. The accepted more's of business did not line up with the truth of honor and justice. I couldn't look at myself in mirror and be proud of who I was. Not only that but I couldn't logically defend my acts based upon my behavior without being untruthful. It didn't take me long to figure out that living my life and competing within interests of the business arena, had to be reconfigured. No longer did I accept that the reasonable practices of business were good enough. What was best for me was to be an honorable man and that more often than not that didn't square with acceptable business practices. I came to know that being an honorable and respectable person required me to be truthful in all my dealings regardless of disadvantages that exposed me to in dealing with economic issues. Furthermore, I came to realize that in being truthful in all the situations of my life I was rewarded with a peaceful disposition. A calming of my soul in that I didn't have to remember the shadier parts of my behaviors because they were no longer evident. The trade off has been an unparalleled sense of living a just life that frankly, no amount of economic success could afford.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We are not meant to be fighting for table scraps (#2293)

Our species is greater than what we have hitherto shown. The idea that we must compete to stay alive is an old and ancient one, yet Republicans are unwilling to move our enlightenment beyond it. On the contrary, they want to sacrifice our enlightenment in order to preserve an unjust and unequal survival of the fittest for the majority of us. The already wealthy are not subject to their vision but those who are not wealthy, are. It would seem that too many of the non-wealthy subscribe to their philosophy for our society as Republicans keep getting reelected to public office. So my initial analysis as to the intelligence of our society on whole is now at a lesser degree than I thought it could be. We are shown the way through the door of our better future and instead we have turned back and want to go to the worst of our past. Our hatred for ourselves who are not like us has grown to be a priority over common sense and logic. When hatred is valued higher than common sense and logic it is then that we know that our overall intelligent quotient is unworthy of pride or satisfaction. I live in this country and as a citizen who participates in the public and private discourse of politics, I am underwhelmed by our possible future. My hope has always been greater than reality it seems. Because reality shows me that too many of us don't bother to care about our futures beyond our own sense of what immediate gratification we can get out of it. The greed and selfishness of a survival of the fittest paradigm seems to have enslaved us to it's yoke. Instead of rejecting the idea that we are just tools for each other we have settled for knowing we could do better but not doing anything about it. A sense of helplessness. Well that may be the outcome for our society through my generation, but I can only hope that the next generation will find the courage to stand up for our species' greater qualities instead of our more fear laden ones.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Where honor is valued (#2292)

Our world is ours, all of ours and what we do with it will define us for eternity. I am not smart enough to know why everything exists but I do know what honor is. It is the best of who we are. If I am the best of who I am capable of being then I have done all I can to make our world into something that I can be proud to have been part of. That is all I have ever asked is to help make our world into an example the Universe would be proud to know. Given that our human species is absolutely incredible it is the least that I can strive toward. There is nothing of value that exceeds my honor. Nothing! So for me to live my life not exemplifying that fact is for me to abdicate the gift of my being human. There is no middle ground here, you are either striving to be a magnificent human being or you are wasting the life you are given. No amount of greed, selfish nor self indulgence can compare with being heroic. All of the bad natures we allow ourselves to carry around is not worthy of our destiny. We are compassionate curious beings who have the wherewithal to create and innovate a future for ourselves and for our children a world where life is celebrated and enjoyed while being bold in advancing into the unknown. I have little to no patience for those who cannot find the courage within themselves to lead. We are all majestic in our possibilities, we have the tools to discover and explore what is unknown as well as to care for those we love. Our possibilities are limitless when we put our minds and souls into what is right and good. Never before in the history of any known civilization has our species been at the precipice of amazing opportunity. Let's us value our honor with all that we are and leap into our future.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

When we stereotype we reflect our hatred (#2291)

I cannot think of one instance in my life where I did stereotype that didn't have a hatred component to it when it was to disparage or denigrate a person or a group of people. In my head I kept a three dimensional visualization that picked and chose certain behaviors of individuals and groups that I ascribed only to them. My little pea picking brain, that I thought was almighty, was in actuality severely limited. Limited by my own fears, cowardice's and my own prejudices. I learned a lot about myself early on in life. I was not the great wise youth I thought I was, instead I was the trembling child that we all are when we don't know what we are doing within a far more complicated world. So due to peer pressure and fear I put up a wall that protected myself as best I could and held onto what ever relief that wall gave me despite the cognitive dissonance I was embracing. Because I did see the absurdity of my way of life where logic could only apply if I found a benefit from it. It is a miracle itself that my own ignorance didn't kill me off. Yet I moved from that adolescent mindset as I grew older and allowed the objectivity of the world to sort through my wall of fear. I realized that we are all the same regardless of which race we came from. We are human beings first and foremost and for me to be afraid of that was found by me to be childish. I stopped stereotyping others since in the first place I didn't want to be stereotyped by others. I also stopped because I knew stereotyping was hateful and an avenue for me to express hate. I may hate, but it isn't because of others, it is a product of me hating myself for not being the courageous noble being I know I am inside me. So given that I have the chance to live as I want to live I just needed to make the sacrifices necessary to allow myself to reflect out the best of me, not my own failure to be the best of me.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

The devil you know is not better than the angel you may have (#2290)

This particular quote is aimed at recognizing that the bad in our lives cannot be acceptable when we can make the good replace it. We often hear that other cliche of the devil you know is better that the devil you don't. Well, that is a no win cliche if you ask me. So instead of settling for the devil you know how about making the better come about to replace it? Are we so afraid of the devil we know that we are unwilling to stand up to it? That doesn't square with the greatness that we human beings have within us. I am not one for standing by idly letting forces control me that allow for pain and suffering as a strategy. It is abhorrent to me to that any of us would be so cowardly in our thinking as to not fight to the death to make our world a better place to live. Is living as lesser being so desirous over living as our nature allows for us? I am grateful to be alive and my humility at being born as such a magnificent species is unbounded. Which is exactly why I cannot allow living as a lesser being define my destiny. I am proud of my species and for all our gifts and abilities. Why would I ever allow the ulterior motives of others to offset our greatness? I am a noble being who has a warrior's heart. Yet I am no different than any other so how is it that we are all not expressing our determination to destroy those things that make even one life on this planet lesser than it's right? My idealism is not my own, it is all of ours and only until we all realize that we are not lesser beings will we ever stand up for one of our sentinel duties we have to live as the majestic beings we are. This is a clarion call for all of us to live upright and proud of who we are as human beings. We are not the lesser of our possibilities we are the greater of them. Our angels are what make us proud and fierce so why would we live as anything other than that?

Friday, May 8, 2015

What I believe (#2289)

I do not believe in any religion at all. I get to this point by acknowledging logic and the Universe. My life would be so much easier if I did just accept a religion and follow it but that isn't who I am and if my life is more difficult because others cannot accept what I accept then too bad for me. I have a free will as a human being to reason, analyze and conclude. I utilize this mode of process in order to understand the physical, emotional and unknown as best I can. I do not see the need for myself to accept a religious structure that relies on faith more than it relies on real evidence. The appeal of a religious entity that is a kind loving sovereign is desirable by most all that I know but for me to accept that construct I have to give away my objective critical thinking. I am unwilling to make that trade so what I do instead is remain objective about all possibilities without giving any one possibility anymore gravitas than any other. I can see the overall comprehensiveness of our human species' history in light of scientific truths. I can relate to evolutionary processes as they relate to biological organisms. I as well can generally accept that our Universe is vast and the greater unknown of it supersedes any compartmentalization I can surmise about what I do know about it. For me, we humans are at the beginning of our knowledge accumulation era and for me to discount or ignore any possibility would be illogical. Although my particular life span in the overall picture is short I do have the wherewithal to trust in my ability to comprehend as my belief system and all that I gain from that is my reward for being alive. What comes after my life is over is conjecture at this point so no amount of wishing or hoping will fully answer that as fact. I accept that and for me my belief system requires me to be the best human while I am alive and for that I am grateful.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The reason we need to think critically is so we won't be herded (#2288)

Critical thinking is a must for those who wish to live in a free society. We cannot abdicate our reasoning over to others for any reason. We have to be the masters of our own conclusions. First let me make this absolutely clear, all of us are unique and precious. Let that fact be the foundation of everything we do. From there we have a duty to our magnificent life force to have our own identity. We are who we are inside ourselves based upon our caring and our curiosity. Our emotions drive what is best about us and influence how we react to outside forces. Our curiosity is our drive and ability to attain knowledge and experience. When we are at our best we are a compassionate biological data processor that can reason, analyze and conclude with majestic capability. The brilliance of our species is that none of us is any less or more than another. We may have different shades of abilities but that we all are unique and amazing is a fact. So employing our critical thought as a function of who we are is natural and perfect. As long as we think for ourselves and do not shirk or become lazy in our process. We owe to ourselves and our species in general the duty to maintain the best of who we are through our understanding of not only the rules of our society but through the laws of human nature. The one thing we cannot allow is for others to convince us that our thoughts and actions don't matter. We cannot allow some who are devious in their communications to confuse and allow for a less than equal society to become our living structure. We cannot allow those who are efficient at herding us toward their goals when their goals are not what is best for our individual right to choose a better option.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

We should as a government, be paying our kids to go to school (#2287)

What better way to get our nation on the right track than to offer to pay for our kids to learn. We give them incentive from the very beginning of their lives to achieve the most out of what they can become. I know it sounds economically difficult but consider that the production and involvement that follows after these kids graduate and move on into their productive lives. Not only would be setting an example that hard work in the classroom has real financial rewards but we will be instilling in them that their success at the beginning of their lives carries on into the rest of their lives. We would be giving our citizens the start in life that we all deserve, a merit based one. No more will we have children that who will just be going through the motions to get their degrees. No more will we have drop out rates in high school that center around the family economy instead of centering around the child's education. We would be giving every child the choice to want to learn instead of having to learn. When education is a joy more than a drudgery we will have changed the whole learning dynamic and with it our children's critical thinking levels. I would even argue that it is a national security issue, in that the more intelligent our society is the better we are at keeping our society free the ills of confusion and misunderstanding. A smart society is a healthy society. The problems eliminated right off the bat is childhood poverty and childhood malnutrition. We also raise the living standards of the parents who must raise their children in the desperate times we now live. A greater consumer economy would also follow due to more disposal incomes, which would open new markets for the entrepreneurial and innovative creators. I cannot think of a better way to infuse our society with a solution like this that would be as effective.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

When we abdicate the ethical high ground we are no more a superior being (#2286)

What separates us from the less intelligent species is not our opposable thumbs or our ability to reason. What separates us from the lesser intelligent species is our ability to utilize an ethical balance in our thinking. Our species can identify the ethical rights and the unethical wrongs with clarity when we test them with logic and common sense. It has been a burgeoning paradigm for us since we first were able to understand the idea of individual rights within our communities. Our ethics are a combination of our values, morals and principles applied to our individual and community behaviors. Since we are all different in small and big ways we need to apply our ethics with a broad brush in order to encapsulate all of our unique qualities. When we apply our ethics to ourselves we can pattern our behaviors to not only the larger group of us but as a right to our own individual behaviors. When we cross the thin line between what we think is right with what we want others to do as right is when we get into trouble. We have a general set of ethics for the larger group that we must all fall within. Then for ourselves we may tailor those larger ethics to a more specific ideal for ourselves to maintain our own personality identity. We have been able to do this for generations and although we may disagree at times as to how our ethics are applied, we may not disagree to give all the right to tailor their ethics to the person they are within the general framework of allowable ethical behavior. Equality demands that all of us share in the process of our civilization if we are to maintain an ethical civilization, so banishing one or more groups of individuals from the boundaries of ethical opportunities is the beginning of the down fall or our civilized superiority. We lessen our species by denying it the ethical guarantee of difference.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The freedom from religion (#2285)

I have a right under the first amendment of our constitution to be free from the constraints of religion, as well as the freedom to embrace religion if I so desire. This is absolute and indissoluble. Given that, in no way would I ever consider basing Supreme Court decisions upon the preferences of a particular religion that would give precedence over my right to be free from religious rule. The current conservative majority court is at a point where it will be making a decision that could likely make our freedom from religion null and void. The right to marry is being argued and considered, that it is a function of government, it therefore is under the jurisdiction of the interpretation of our constitution. This isn't a case that is irrelevant to the whole of our citizenry, it is a case that is absolutely relevant to the interpretation of our first amendment. If we are to be free from religion, we cannot have laws in place that place us under the dogma of religion. Many do not believe in a God which is their right. Are they now to be subject to dogma that religion places on them? Are they now unable to marry because a religious interpretation says that their sexual orientation is outside what religion allows for a couple to marry? What is at stake here is not just the right to marry for those who would be denied this equal right but instead a deeper and more pervasive attack on our constitutional rights. When a religious dogmatic interpretation is allowed to be the law of the land we are at the beginning of a slippery slope where the justification for religious rule will have been established over the freedom from religious rule. Next month we will know the outcome of this significant announcement and for me it is either a turning point in the history of our, no little experiment called democratic rule, or an affirmation that our first amendment to the constitution is absolute and indissoluble.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

For those who hate there is little hope (#2284)

As time goes on I am learning that despite all the hope in the world that some will turn from their hate and humble themselves it just seems very unlikely. My experience has been showing me that despite their attempts to act with civility and less volatile language in public, they have not moved from the deep seated hatred for those who are hated for no other reason than existing. I don't get it myself. I have lived a life where my destiny has been shaped by me but mostly controlled by others. How can my life be any different than anyone else's? I don't blame anyone for what my reality is so why do these others insist that their problems lie in the fact that others are different from them. It is a bit of a psychosis where the break between rational thought and a fear about differences is the impetus for their hateful emotions. It is similar to the current political dynamic on the Republican party side where regardless of the circumstance or situation that occurs blame is always the same, It's Obama's fault. Something like that. In all my efforts to try to disprove their hatred for others and all the evidence I forward, nothing seems to happen to change their hatred. I am trying to do something rational as a solution but rationality is having no effect on their irrational thoughts and behaviors. I do not consider myself their savior or their therapist but when it is in my face I react to dissuade hatred's existence. I start to feel empathy for them instead and in my mind wish them well as I leave them to their hatred. I have no time for their illness nor will I ever condone it by allowing them the gift of my presence. I have done this with family and friends so my lifetime of close friends has dwindled due to hatred that has all the earmarks of an illogical privileged mindset. Those who seek to judge others for reasons outside their character and actual acts have finally convinced me that I will waste no more time trying to convince them otherwise.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

We get to choose our ideal society (#2283)

Because something is or has ever been does not make it what it has to remain. We look around and see the good and the bad of our society and wish we could do something to make it better. We wonder why others don't do the same when it is obvious to even children the wrong can be easily corrected. But there are forces out there that do not wish for better to replace worse because they have some advantage or privilege that they selfishly want to keep. The rest of us don't have to allow them to do so when we know our society is better off for most all of us if a change occurs. We get to choose as sovereign American citizens with rights to advocate and vote for the better change to happen. Just because it has been that way over time does not make it right now, even if it may have been right in the past. Remember, our society around two and a half centuries ago was ruled by Kings and Queens. We saw the wrong in that and overcame it with some effort. We have the same type of challenges today and we must keep moving forward into our better futures if we want to be proud of who we are and what we stand for. None of us in a Democracy is less than another, so why should we abdicate our right to be a force for our ideal society? A lot of times fear will keep us from moving ahead with a better way but fear in and of itself is not enough to stop the nature of our species. We care and wonder as a rule and have shown that despite all odds and fears we are capable of changing from hard and brutish paradigms into curiously intelligent and respectful ones. Our time here on this planet is short and the problems are numerous, yet our souls cry out for our hopes and our dreams to have a reality to them. Let each of us heed our better inner forces and stand tall like a sentinel against any and all who would try to deny us our choice to live in a better world for ourselves and for our future generations.

Friday, May 1, 2015

If you are not fighting for good then you are fighting against it (#2282)

Doing nothing is not an option. Your guilt will be the same as if you were leading the charge for wrong. Life is about struggle to change what is now into something better, there are no sidelines to stand on or any fence for you to sit on. Take charge of what little time you have left of your life and fight for the best of what it should be with all your might. There is no more time to waste. All around us we are given opportunities to be part of something important and significant. Take a chance on yourself and live with your held high because you cared about the integrity you know you have within you. The respect we all crave has to be earned and it is in the earning of respect that we find the vibrancy of who we are. The unique wave that we cause to ripple throughout the Universe. What will be the effect of your charge through time? Will it be a positive one where good draws it's strength? Or will it be a negative one where good loses to the worst of who we are? Are we all not heroes in our own eyes deep down in the little child we all remain throughout our existence? Enough of the pampering exclusion we seem to want from the rest of ourselves and the problems of our world. Enough of it! Everyone of us are a miracle in our present form and all it takes is one miracle for all that is about us to change for the better. Who knows which one of us it will be but the more of us looking to be that miracle the greater the chance the miracle will happen. We are human beings, a superior force in all of understanding. Do we realize just how tremendous that is? We are not something of insignificance, on the contrary we are still something greater yet to be defined. Take up the cause of all of humanity and claim it for yourself. You will live the most self fulfilling form of yourself.