Friday, May 22, 2015

Alcohol and drug addiction serves the wealthy (#2303)

The more of us who are not able to be critical thinkers the closer the wealthy get to having a servant class available to them. When we are more concerned about our next buzz or our next sports game than we are about our opportunities to work, have health care and even retire we play into the hands of the greedy wealthy who see those of us who are not wealthy as less than human beings. They see us as resources to be controlled and to be used. That the wealthy condescend to the non wealthy is not up for debate, it is a fact due to their ever increasing isolation from the general public and their walled off communities. That the wealthy see us only as usable material is also not up for debate either as they continue to shrink the public good at the expense of a caring society. The wealthy want no minimum wage, nor do they want environmental controls that dissuade them from profiteering off of natural resource plundering and ravage. Instead of building schools the wealthy, and their political arm, the Republican party are building more prisons. They are also steadily creating a two class judicial system whereas the non-wealthy are subject to much harsher penalties than the wealthy despite being charged with the same crime. The wealthy don't see America as their country but the world as their country and if they see benefit in some other part of the world despite it hurting America they are eager to forsake America for that profit. There is no doubt about that either as they continue to offshore not only work away from American citizens but they give themselves, through Republicanism, a tax benefit for that off shoring, while keeping many trillions of American taxable dollars in foreign banks. The advantage the wealthy gain from a discouraged and doped up American constituency unfortunately is a lesser priority by the non-wealthy on the actual harm the wealthy are doing to the intelligence and truthful knowledge we all need to see through the wealthy's intentional deterioration of democracy.

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