Thursday, May 28, 2015

Capitalism will thrive in conjunction with social protections (#2309)

What the right wing Republican party does not understand is that capitalism will NOT work unless there is a strong consumer base. By increasing wages and ensuring that those out of work, our seniors and the disabled communities, have a floor from which to exist from, we are only adding to a greater consumer force which drives businesses. An economic win/win which not only would support existing entrepreneurs who have smart and efficient products and ideas for sale but also those who are planning to create new businesses in the present and future. A strong consumer base spends as a necessity and as a desire to improve their living conditions. We all know that products made anywhere only last for so many years and then it is time to replace them or repair them. Either way capital is spent on the endeavors. Moving capital around is how our economic society functions and the more consumers we have the greater the economic activity. By keeping a majority of the wealth with the middle class we will find that consumption will increase manifold. As we have seen in the last few decades, when the wealthy have the majority of the wealth it doesn't get recycled back into our economy, instead it sits in overseas banks and is used to cause conflict, in the search for maximum profits, in underdeveloped nations. Here in America the delicate balance of a strong middle class and the wealthy class has shifted toward a great advantage, dramatically to the wealthy. This is why we have little progress in our country as to infrastructure upgrades and smart and efficient energy paradigms. The wealthy continue to hustle the concept that the wealthy are the job creators, not the consumer base, but again, they don't get that without a strong consumer base it will only be the minority wealthy who profit, while the majority of the rest of us will continue to struggle and despair over lack of opportunities and necessary survival needs. If the wealthy do get that they are the only ones who profit, then the rest of us need to run them out of town, tarred and feathered, on a rail!

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