Sunday, May 17, 2015

Choose honor over greed (#2298)

I have learned this lesson very well. What my soul reminds me is that if I take what I want when I want it I am not pausing long enough to understand the harm I am doing to everyone around me. When I am taking as I please I am not seeing the nuance of the harm it does to those who are left without. Today, I stand tall with conviction in my heart to be moderate in my desires. I know I cannot have what I want when I want it. That is not right to think I can be above everyone else in the time I have here on our planet. Because our society is fractured so badly that too many do without not just their desires but their basic necessities. There is a political faction in our great nation that wants to punish those who are not like them, despoiling the ideal of equality and justice. While we are in this paradoxical era, we all need to be mindful of rooting out this faction of greed and selfish behavior. Either by voting their leaders out of public office or establishing laws that blunt their attempts to destroy our hard fought for democracy. I am talking here about the members of the Republican party. Not all are bad within the Republican party but those who aren't bad are too weak to stop or control their much more dangerous and reckless colleagues. Our nation can recover from this horrendous display of selfish Republicanism but only if we resolve ourselves to shun and shame them when they promote their nasty brutish agenda. We should all take heed that our species, despite being a formidable force of nature, is prone to fragility. We need to care for ourselves at a fundamental level that gives us a foundation from which to launch the brilliance of our individuality. The current Democratic party is the vehicle for this recovery and although imperfect in some ways the overall strength is the respect and dignity Democrats give to all who would build to improve not only our nation but our species.

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