Sunday, May 3, 2015

For those who hate there is little hope (#2284)

As time goes on I am learning that despite all the hope in the world that some will turn from their hate and humble themselves it just seems very unlikely. My experience has been showing me that despite their attempts to act with civility and less volatile language in public, they have not moved from the deep seated hatred for those who are hated for no other reason than existing. I don't get it myself. I have lived a life where my destiny has been shaped by me but mostly controlled by others. How can my life be any different than anyone else's? I don't blame anyone for what my reality is so why do these others insist that their problems lie in the fact that others are different from them. It is a bit of a psychosis where the break between rational thought and a fear about differences is the impetus for their hateful emotions. It is similar to the current political dynamic on the Republican party side where regardless of the circumstance or situation that occurs blame is always the same, It's Obama's fault. Something like that. In all my efforts to try to disprove their hatred for others and all the evidence I forward, nothing seems to happen to change their hatred. I am trying to do something rational as a solution but rationality is having no effect on their irrational thoughts and behaviors. I do not consider myself their savior or their therapist but when it is in my face I react to dissuade hatred's existence. I start to feel empathy for them instead and in my mind wish them well as I leave them to their hatred. I have no time for their illness nor will I ever condone it by allowing them the gift of my presence. I have done this with family and friends so my lifetime of close friends has dwindled due to hatred that has all the earmarks of an illogical privileged mindset. Those who seek to judge others for reasons outside their character and actual acts have finally convinced me that I will waste no more time trying to convince them otherwise.

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