Thursday, May 14, 2015

Keeping up with the Jones' (#2295)

The rat race to put on the best mask we can afford. The silly game most of us play has got to stop if only for the reason of our more perfect individual destiny. Is this the best we can hope for? To be a copy of something that enables the continuation of an illusion? Reality is shaped by how we think. How we think! Not how we are funneled into choices that restrict our right to have our own opinion void of pressure and undue consequence. What happened to us? Is the addiction of wealth so powerful that we are willing to forego our honor and individual identity? I suppose that we don't have to think about what we are trading for our desire to have more and better. All that seems to matter is what is right in front of us and not a more comprehensive understanding of where it is all leading and what it is doing to others who are not seen by we. Is our own self importance the only real choice we are willing to consider. The cynicism that is reflective in our unwillingness to get involved in things outside our personal reality is the cancer that is becoming impossible to cure. Unfortunately our own unwillingness to face the effects we cause on the rest of our species is not objective nor real. We are not born to be a problem, we are born to be a solution. Until we can get past the commercial greed of our current society we will only be remembered in history as the blind being led by the greedy. A short shift in our generation but a damaging one. The setback to our enlightenment cannot ever be recaptured in it's infancy. Keeping up with the Jones' is a term used to describe our insatiable need to have more and better for ourselves than those we associate with. A draconian concept in that a majority of the rest of our species is under the table hoping for scraps from our gluttonous greed and wondering when the mental affliction will be recognized and cured so that all of us can be part of something greater.

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